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March 22, 2024

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Why do people leave their homes and voyage all over the globe? The reasons why we love to travel vary, though it is not a secret that nowadays the majority of people (83% to be precise) travel for the purpose of entertainment.

We are sure you have also gone somewhere abroad in order to gather inspiration, slow down and relax, explore the rich diversity and immerge into history.

People who seek entertainment in their journeys want their experience to be carefree, but at the same time exiting and unforgettable. And here MeetnGreetMe makes a move and changes the game, taking care of the traveler.

Let’s continue our series of articles and see what other points our local concierges can help you with.

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Let’s go ahead!

Nightlife hot spots guiding

Did you know that some people prefer to explore new cities at night? The amount of such travelers is really enormous, and we also agree that it contributes a lot to the overall impression of the city. That is why this service appeared.

In this case, the MeetnGreeter is to organize a tour into the nightlife of their hometown, take the Guest to the best local pubs, wineries, karaoke, nightclubs or restaurants, and just be a good company. If you always wanted to pop into that fancy restaurant from your favorite movie or find the best craft beer in the city, that’s it!

Key points:
– knowing the best places to impress international travelers;
– discovering the type of spots your Guest fancies;
– making a list of places for the Guest to choose from, outlining specific features of each one;
– inquiring when you’d be expected to leave the Guest to him- or herself.

Visit a party hosted by locals

Sometimes the only way to understand all the ins and outs of a foreign culture is to immerse into it. The Guests find it absolutely fascinating to have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of that and visit a party hosted by locals.

Be it a pajama party, barbeque, movie night, dinner party, or even a stag night, if you have some space for one more person or so, feel free to invite your Guest over. Thanks to this authentic experience, a Guest can get to know locals and learn their traditions and culture. Where else will you find this opportunity if you don’t have any friends among locals?

Key points:
– finding out what kind of preferences your Guest has to decide whether he/she would find your party exciting or not;
– making sure that other participants of the event would be willing to have someone foreign come over to you;
– informing the Guest about the party rules if there are any;
– just staying hospitable, tactful and being yourself.

Plan a trip

For some people, the hardest part about traveling is planning a trip.

Reviews can be irritating to get through, information on transportation can be outdated or wrong, and it can be a full-time job just to keep an eye on all different offers and deals available online.

Despite the fact that those who prefer adventure tours are used to visiting local attractions alone, international travelers often require somebody to draw up a detailed plan for them of what and when to visit, an itinerary which would give them a clear idea of all the routes, means of transport and timetables so as not to waste time wandering along the streets being completely lost in the middle of nowhere.

The good news is that in such a case, the Guests can easily turn to MeetnGreeters for help.

Key points:
– inquiring about the amount of time the Guest is planning to travel;
– determination of priorities and the must-see places for the Guest;
– a clear and detailed plan where everything is explained.

The MeetnGreeter will be expected to draw up a detailed itinerary specifying all the routes, means of transport, timetables, fees, working hours, etc. to ease the process as much as possible and let the Guest enjoy the things that really matter.

Charter a yacht, helicopter, etc.

Sometimes all we need to make our holiday (or, some sort of a special occasion) perfect is to charter a yacht or a helicopter.

Quite often, the local providers of such services might try to overcharge you, and misunderstanding might also arise due to the difference in cultures and languages. In such a case, MeetnGreeters would be most welcome to help the Guests find the most cost-effective options. The former will be expected to familiarize the Guests with all the legal and financial details related to charting yachts or helicopters, as well as enumerate a few options to choose from (balloon trip, trucks racing, etc.).

Key points:
– learning more details about the Guest’s requirements;
– making a list of some alternatives for the Guest to choose from.

MeetnGreeter should clearly define with the Guest whether he’d be expected to make a list of businesses where the Guest can charter a yacht/helicopter, arrange everything or accompany to the service provider to help negotiate all the details. According to the agreement reached, the price for the service will be adjusted.

Other request unique to the place of stay

Whether you’d like to scout for street art in San Francisco, enjoy a private piano concert in Rome, embark on a concrete jungle photo walk in New York, bike the local backgrounds in Florence, indulge in wine tasting in Paris, or whatever else you dream about, MeetnGreeters will surely help you make your dreams come true. For example, once Guests hired a MeetnGreeter to organize a bachelor party abroad and ordered a real tank ride, can you imagine it?

All that is required of you is to click the button below and chose the city you are going to!

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