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March 8, 2024

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Do you remember about our recent series of articles connected with MeetnGreetMe services?

The second part is out!

In case you missed the very first one, you can find it here.

Today we continue to deal with “Arrival and Staying” category: renting a car, driving to destinations, helping with shopping, providing information on infrastructure and event organizing are on the agenda!

Let’s look at all the distinctive features of each service, so you can easily decide what services do you need to order before the upcoming trip (or what services you can provide to a foreigner). Note that for this purpose you can also use this page (only while you are logged in).

Rent a car

We beat some of you have ever had this kind of a situation in a foreign country: lack of car providers, the stack of papers and documents, high insurance cost and ignorance of your language – and all this stuff just because you want to rent a car. Don’t worry, we are here to help!

This service implies that the MeetnGreeter is to find or rent a car on behalf of the Guest taking into consideration the Guest’s preferences and budget.

In the first case, the MeetnGreeter is expected to conduct research and give information, which will help the Guest order a taxi at a reasonable price or find businesses to rent a vehicle, including assistance with filling in all the necessary documents.

In the second case, the MeetnGreeter is expected to book everything for the Guest and make sure the Guest reaches consensus on all the details of the service (such as the start and finish points, the vehicle requested, etc).

Key points:
– finding out full information about the Guest`s trip (destination, luggage, and any specific needs);
– recommending cost-effective and reasonable alternatives of a car rent;
– definition of the exact meeting points, such as the street, station or any well-known places.

Drive to destinations

In many cases, travelers do need a personal driver who is not only able to take them to a particular destination(s), but also knows the language and is ready to provide them with any information needed.

It is handy to combine this service with others like “personal city guiding” if sightseeing is the purpose.

Key points:
– defining the exact date and time when the service is required, duration of travel, amount of seats needed, etc.;
– finding out whether the car can belong to the driver or be rented;
– determine the Guest`s needs, for example, whether the car is required for a one-way or two-way trip.

Help with shopping

Usually, travelers cannot do without shopping in the place of their stay. Some Guests may not have any time or desire to go to the local market or shopping center. In all these cases and many others, a local concierge can do a good turn – locals definitely know the best places to buy the best olive oil in Greece, an authentic Irish whiskey or luxury shoes by Manolo Blahnik.

Key points:
– understanding the Guest`s individual requirements and preferences;
– knowing the best places to buy souvenirs, local markets, shopping areas and being ready to go with the Guest there.

Information on the local infrastructure and transport

Nearly 2 out of 5 people going abroad have problems with public transportation and infrastructure, such as taxis, buses and trains, timetables and routes, making it one of the most popular travel issues.

Have you ever been in such a situation? As for us, the answer is yes.

The MeetnGreeter should provide the Guest with information on the routes and timetables suitable for the trip. In addition, Guests can also ask to buy all the necessary tickets or travel cards and deliver them (sounds super handy, right?).

Key points:
– making a detailed document with timetables, routes, zones, means of transport;
– paying attention to the things that seem familiar to you but might cause trouble to Guests, such as the system of payment, suitable kinds of tickets and travel cards.

Organize/Assist with events

Our local concierges helped a traveler to record some great music at the studio in the foreign country, organized a concert at a local club and even put their hands to the creation of a documentary film. We believe that MeetnGreeters can cope with everything!

In general, this service comprises a wide variety of components such as coordinating and managing local events, assisting with marketing campaigns, taking photos during events, preparing handouts or providing any offline support, if required.

Since the range of tasks can be broad, the services can be paid on an hourly basis or per particular service provided.

Key points:
– adding more information to your profile about your experience and interests to let the Guest know about your capabilities;
– finding out answers to all your questions about the services the Guest needs.

Have we dispelled all your doubts?

If you have understood “that’s it” – click the button below and choose the city of your destination. We vouch for every our verified MeetnGreeter – they will never let you down. :)

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