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We created a global platform to offer social concierge services for world travelers delivered by local people. On our platform you can find a MeetnGreeter globally, who is delighted to support and enrich your travel experience locally.

MeetnGreetMe Story

CEO & Founder

When we were saying goodbyes, she told me: “I'm so happy I met you! You are my savior!”

There is always a true story behind every great undertaking. Just like many incredible stories, this one happened in Moscow. Well, actually it had been on Elena's mind for a long time since the first time when she helped strangers from Italy to resolve their problems. Moscow happened to be the place where the coincidence led to the final decision.

I was on my way back home one cold autumn evening, hoping to finish reading my book drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Not far from my work I accidentally bumped into a lady who, surprisingly, wasn't particularly unhappy about our collision. In fact, she was very glad. In a while, she asked me if I spoke English.

I said: "Yes, I do"

"Finally, God has heard my prayers!" - she said.

She told me she'd been trying hard to find a chemist's to buy some medicine.

You may not believe me, but even in the 21st century world travelers can get into such a trouble. It's very hard sometimes to get your bearings round a new city.

I decided to help her. Eventually, we ended up walking and talking for two hours. I found out that she was from Sao Paulo, Brazil and came to visit Moscow and St. Peterburg. Actually, her name was also Elena (Helena in Brazilian). I helped her to find chemist's and told her about cross cultural and lifestyle differences, where to buy tickets to local events and helped her with shopping.

When we where saying goodbyes, she told me: "I'm so happy I met you! You are my savior!"

This situation again made me think about other world travelers who encounter the same problems and can't find such a personal concierge or assistant like me.

This meeting with Helena became that last straw which broke the camel's back. I decided to take action and create MeetnGreetMe, a personal concierge service delivered by locals, which could support our travel needs and enrich our travel experience.

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Problems We Solve

While preparing for a journey, vacation travel or business trip abroad, we always plan everything in detail, don't we? At the same time, we want to enjoy our time in a new country. Moreover, we definitely wouldn't like to overpay for services only because we are foreigners. MeetnGreetMe aims to help solve the majority of those problems via the delivery of personal concierge services:

Communication with local people who don't understand your language

Lack of understanding of cross cultural, lifestyle differences and business etiquette

Little information about the local infrastructure, transport and timetable

Risky situations and sometimes a great need for personal safety abroad

Overpaying for everything: taxi, food, souvenirs, excursions, shopping, etc.

Finally, we just want to feel welcome

Whichever issues you might have, we are happy to solve them. See the full list of MeetnGreetMe Concierge Services

MeetnGreetMe Philosophy

Today more than 1000 world travelers have already used MeetnGreetMe personal concierge services. The number of countries, where our MeetnGreeters are ready to welcome you, is increasing every day! MeetnGreetMe community is quickly growing.

Our commitment to people who are ready to MeetnGreet and offer personal concierge services, and those who travel around the world is demonstrated in everything we do: from personalized approach to every traveler to building a user-friendly platform as a great start of your unforgettable trip.

MeetnGreetMe Vision

To help you feel welcome everywhere

The first priority of MeetnGreetMe personal concierge services is to help people who leave their native cities and countries to feel welcome everywhere around the world!

To enrich your travel experience

We believe that human emotions we share with each other is exactly what makes our traveling journey so exciting. That's why we created a platform where you can e-meet in advance and make sure you will feel comfortable with your personal assistant. Your personal concierge in turn will do his or her best to let you spend your time abroad without any problems and enrich your trip with unique experiences.

To give more opportunities to locals

We also bear in mind the interests of our local personal concierges, each of whom will benefit from being a citizen of his or her country and will be delighted to share their unique knowledge and experience with foreign people.

MeetnGreetMe Mission

We want to make the luxury of concierge services affordable to every traveler and turn it into a must-have of every trip.

We believe that local people have the knowledge which, in the end, shapes the uniqueness of our travel experience.

Let`s MeetnGreet each other around the world and open the world through people around us!

Meet Our Team


Founder & CEO. Adores Vienna

Fight for your dreams and they will fight for you

I founded MeetnGreetMe because I want to help people around the world to feel welcome when they are far away from their homes


Co-Founder & CTO. Loves Barcelona

You can't have your cake and eat it too

I love MeetnGreetMe because it's a tool to help people feel at home in a new country. It inspires me to see how our work helps people


Co-Founder & Creative Director. Believes Berlin to be the best place on earth

Work hard and be nice to people

I believe that by connecting people and erasing stereotypes we would be able to create something great, and build a more humane society


UI Designer. Would rather live in Amsterdam than fly to the Moon

Don't be afraid to try out something new

It is exciting to work on a new service. Promote it and grow with it. MeetnGreetMe broadens our horizons, helps meet new interesting people and show yourself to the world


Customer Happiness Manager. Loves Berlin

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt

I believe MeetnGreetMe can dramatically change the way we travel and live and I am very excited to work on something that can make traveling for people so much more multifaceted and personalized!


Business Development Manager. Since childhood dreams of visiting Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Every man is the architect of his own fortune

It's amazing when your job is closely connected to your hobbies and interests. Traveling is my passion. I'm proud that implicitly I am a part of lives of many people from around the world


Community Manager. Is going to discover Asia

If you can, you should

MeetnGreetMe is more than just a platform to get things done. It's a way to meet local people, explore their culture, find hidden gems and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences which are impossible without local expertise and friendly people around you

Consistent Support &

We work hard and aim to continuously improve our product. We are ready to listen to you any time, 24/7.

We are happy to receive any comments and recommendations to make our work and concierge service even better.

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