Personal assistance and concierge services from local people to travelers

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What is MeetnGreetMe

MeetnGreetMe is a global platform connecting international travelers and local people for getting personal concierge services and lifestyle management. Contact and hire local people as your personal assistants to take care of your needs when you travel.

How it works

Choose the city and services

Enter the city where you are planning to go and choose the services you'll need during your trip.

Hire a MeetnGreeter

Discuss all the details and hire a MeetnGreeter to support you when you travel.

Travel and enjoy

Enjoy personalized approach to your needs and individualized adventure.

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Find a MeetnGreeter who will provide concierge services in line with your travel goals and budget.

We care about your safety

Verification system

We work with every application from potential MeetnGreeters on an individual basis to ensure their credibility.

Payment protection

MeetnGreetMe Payment Protection makes sure you pay only for the services delivered in accordance with your request.

Dealing with issues

In case any disputes arise, we have specific programs to address and effectively solve such problems.

Customer support

You can rely on our Support Team to help you handle any issues that may arise. Focus on your goals not the routine.

Lifestyle management and concierge services for world travelers with a must-have flavor

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We are ready to MeetnGreet you in more than 500 cities around the world

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