From individual contribution to big changes

Thank you for your interest in MeetnGreetMe and considering sharing your time and energy with us! We are always looking for enthusiastic and talented people who could help us reach all corners of the world and allow Guests travel with the peace of mind and enjoy every minute of their time in a foreign country.

MeetnGreetMe Team

Is e-volunteering for me?

Technology makes it possible today to lend a hand and make a change via the Internet. E-volunteering is for you if you’d like to help at your convenience and donate your time virtually. Your support and help will allow more people around the world learn about MeetnGreetMe and opportunities we offer to locals and travelers alike.

We are looking forward to having you in our global team!

How you can help us

Support us in social media

As a local expert

As a photographer

Promote PlaceHunter game

As a friendly advisor

We eagerly promote our MeetnGreeters on our blog and in social networks. Just share some interesting and fascinating facts about your city or village, tell us some tips about living in your country or prepare a guide about your national culture. Is there anything about business culture people better know? Help us let the world know more about you and your country.
Have you got some skills in photography or video production? Or are you just a passionate amateur? Are you good with Photoshop, Adobe and other photo and video editing software? Then you can make videos, images and infographic pictures for us. We would be happy to make use of your talents and post your work onto our website.
Bring our PlaceHunter game to your city! Allow international guests explore your city from a new perspective, take photos in the most popular places and get free drinks at local restaurants. If you are interested to cooperate, just email to us at hello@meetngreetme.com and we will send you all the instructions and support.
In our team we are always interested to know what MeetnGreeters and Guests think about the convenience, design and usability of our platform. Feel free to share your comments, recommendations and advice with us. We are always open to new ideas!

Let’s start!

Your efforts and help will be highly appreciated! Email to us at hello@meetngreetme.com with the subject ‘I want to e-volunteer!’

We are sure that here at MeetnGreetMe you will be able to apply your:



Spare time

Are you interested?

Our Manager will reply to you in no time and he/she will be glad to answer all your questions related to e-volunteering and the format which suits you most.