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April 6, 2024

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Hello, dearest MeetnGreeters and travelers!

As you may know, globalization has brought a significant shift in attitudes to business travel and made it a big part of modern formal communication: executives and CEOs need to travel more frequently to reach new potential clients, maintain the existing ones, and grow with the market. Nowadays, companies are located in multiple countries, business relationships are made across seas, and even technology can’t always replace face to face interaction!

There is never a second chance to make a first impression, so businesspeople are expected to make no mistakes. The problem is that culture, business etiquette, and languages vary from one place to another and with a lack of personal contacts and trustworthy commonly available information it may be hard to prepare for a visit.

In this situation, no one but the locals is fully equipped to give such international travelers a hand in making the right first impression, establish productive business relations and pave the way to success.

All in all, it is easy to notice that the penultimate category ‘Business matters’ is, surely, mainly associated with any activities, facilities, and services for those traveling on business. Let’s grasp the essence of each service and figure out its singularities.

Perform Internet research

Information is the core resource nowadays, as people who own the information own the power!

Whether the Guest goes on a business conference in a foreign city and requires information about the list of guests invited or the program of the event or just needs some certain data about the country, it’s hard for the Guest to complete these tasks alone. The MeetnGreeter might be expected to give a hand in making a comprehensive and thorough research on the topics interesting for the Guest.

Key points:
– understanding all the aspects of the area you are to research;
– agreement on the preferred format in which the Guest would like to receive the information, date of presenting the information and means of its transfer;
– a proactive approach to dealing with the Guest’s needs.

Advice on business etiquette

Business etiquette provides a framework for building successful professional relationships and showcasing a professional presence in any country of the world.

MeetnGreeters are expected to be knowledgeable not only about their own culture and traditions, but also their implications when it comes to doing business in their country – the locals should be able to give Guests a detailed outline of the ways to behave in a business setting, ins and outs of the etiquette, specific features of verbal and non-verbal communication, etc.

Key points:
– conducting a thorough research on the area of intercultural communication in a business setting, in particular;
– finding out the needs and wants of the Guest and asking further questions to be able to make thoughtful recommendations and remarks;
– preparing to give a detailed report about the business etiquette both orally and in writing.

Book a restaurant/make a recommendation

Choosing the location of an important meeting is crucial in business. The right venue ensures all parties feel comfortable and the meeting achieves its objectives, while the wrong one can lead to stress, discomfort, hunger and poor decision-making.

When Guests are traveling on business, they expect everything to run smoothly, efficiently and without a hitch. That is why the restaurant chosen for dining with a business partner should correspond to the business etiquette, traditions, and customs of the country the Guest is visiting. The MeetnGreeter should be prepared not only to recommend a few options for the Guests to choose from but also assist in booking a restaurant.

Key points:
– determining the type of restaurant and food the Guest is looking for;
– preparing to give some details regarding table manners acceptable in your country (e.g. in some countries women never fill a glass of wine themselves);
– inquiring whether you are expected to book a restaurant on behalf of the Guest and what kind and number of seats are needed, smoking or non-smoking area;
– providing information about local traditions on giving tips and payment methods.

Perform personalized shopping and delivery

Time is something business people are always lacking in. When businesspeople come to a foreign country only for a day or two, they do not want to figure out where to buy some particular things, how to get there and deliver them afterward.

For this reason, they will highly appreciate it if the MeetnGreeter could take some stress and trivial problems off their shoulders. As such, the MeetnGreeter should be expected to perform some personalized shopping and delivery on behalf of the Guest.

Key points:
– recommendation of the goods your area is particularly famous for;
– understanding the Guest`s individual requirements and personal preferences;
– finding out how the service will be provided, for example, whether the MeetnGreeter is expected to make a shopping guide with information about shopping centers, malls or markets, or provide some personal shopping services, or take responsibility only for the delivery.

Provide business referral service

Being successful in business is not only about how you do your work but who you actually work with. Finding reliable and experienced employees and business partners happens to be surprisingly difficult. The MeetnGreeter will be expected to suggest the right people to the Guest, bearing in mind the level of expertise needed from the referrals.

Key points:
– asking further questions to have a clear idea of the type of people and area of business the Guest is interested in;
– using the existing network and great communication skills;
– making sure you organize the referral service in the best way convenient to all the parties.

Deliver gift baskets and flowers

Quite often prior to or after a business meeting the parties are expected to exchange gifts or flowers with each other to show respect and willingness to cooperate in the future. Your gift should show respect and demonstrate how much you value your important professional relationship.

Moreover, finding a gift basket or a bouquet that your business partner will enjoy is almost an exercise in etiquette – flowers have different connotations in different cultures, as well as colors and types of packaging. Such minor but important points are extremely difficult to mind and follow.

The MeetnGreeter should be prepared not only to advise on the best option of a gift or flowers to be presented to a business partner but, if need be, assist with ordering the delivery or actually delivering the gifts to the addressees.

Key points:
– finding out the exact address and credentials of the person the gifts and flowers are to be sent to;
– conducting a thorough research on your own business etiquette to be able to make a thoughtful recommendation;
– suggesting the best way to deliver the gifts/flowers to the addressee.

Take photos at events

Capturing a compelling picture of a corporate or business event can be a challenge, right?

To help the Guest focus on the things that really matter, the MeetnGreeter is expected to be able to provide the Guest with photography service in the quality and quantity demanded by the Guest. The MeetnGreeter should be able to spend a certain amount of time with the Guest and take photos at conferences, meetings and seminars the Guest attends. The MeetnGreeter is expected to have good photography skills.

Key points:
– noting in your profile if you have any experience in taking and editing photographs as well as if you have skills of working with any professional software;
– preparing to allocate some time to take and edit the photos (if it’s needed);
– making sure you are proficient enough to take on such a job and are capable of delivering high-quality photographs after post-production.

When done right, business travel can have many benefits, and, on our part, MeetnGreeters are proudly at your service every step of the way. Whether you need a hand picking out the perfect gifts or performing a research, our trustworthy locals are here for you whether you travel domestically or worldwide.

To ensure your business trip will be carefree, choose a local assistant in the city you are going to:

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