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September 30, 2023

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In MeetnGreetMe there are a few things we enjoy – our MeetnGreetMe family growing and stretching to new places around the world, receiving ‘thank you’ messages from our Guests and, finally, promoting our MeetnGreeters.

We are glad that now our MeetnGreetMe Community unites people from 38 countries. And they are ready to tell the rest of the world about their cities, the top places to visit, the tastiest coffee to drink and the most romantic spot to take your partner to.

In our Co-creation series not only do we travel to new cities and learn more about their secrets that only locals know, but also introduce our readers to our amazing Meetngreeters.

Very soon you will be able to find out from Ilenia why Barcelona is so easy to fall in love with; Olga will explain why Warsaw is called a phoenix city and what is the most romantic and spectacular spot there; and finally, Ricardo will share his view about what makes Bogota a wonderful getaway for an experienced traveler.

In MeetnGreetMe our mission is to open the world through people around us. Let the world see your city through your eyes!

To do so, please write to us at

MeetnGreetMe aims to help people feel welcome wherever they are. We are looking forward to seeing you with us.

Come and become part of our MeetnGreetMe Community!

Have an amazing day!

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