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October 18, 2023

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In the previous article on MeetnGreetMe blog we looked deeper into the travel concierge job and said what concierge service is. Once you have decided to become a MeetnGreeter (i.e. a personal travel concierge) and turn this into your profession, you should have a set of professional skills to succeed in the sphere.

A personal travel concierge is …

A personal concierge is someone who takes care of any tasks that their clients are too busy to perform and complete themselves. A travel concierge is a personal assistant who helps you to reach the travel goals by taking upon all the matters connected with travel, stay in another country, relocation, business and leisure trips, etc. So, it is someone who brings you peace of mind and saves your time and money by undertaking everything which may distract you from things that matter.

Who is a MeetnGreeter?

MeetnGreeter is a travel concierge who is a local person who knows the city really well and is willing to help you in any difficult situation.

A personal concierge is someone who solves other people’s issues and takes on responsibility. That’s why like in any other job, a travel concierge has to possess key professional skills needed to deliver high-end services and cater to clients’ needs.

An ideal professional concierge should exhibit the following skills:

- Problem-solving skills

- Communication skills

- Organizational skills

- Learning skills

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are crucially important as they are required in almost any job and after developing such skills you will find it easier to manage your own life, as well. Personal concierges have to show their problem-solving techniques when a client requests a sold-out ticket to an event, to choose the right gift to client’s partner or to book a room in a favorite hotel which is booked up.

Each of the situations requires creativity and ability to make the decision quickly and effectively. The more solutions you can think up, the better chances are that you will come up with the right decision which your client will appreciate and, probably, like even more.

Whenever you face a problem, you should always use the following guidelines:

1. Don’t zoom in one single solution.

2. Any problem can be tackled and has been tackled earlier.

3. Solve the issue, not its symptoms.

4. Tackle the simplest problem first and then move on to more difficult obstacles.

Always think of a “Plan B” just in case your “Plan A” doesn’t work out. This is where you can use your creativity, brainstorming techniques and other resources. For a professional concierge having a wide network of contacts will be very useful and will save you lots of time on outsourcing the best options and a professional to help you perform a task perfectly.

Communication skills

Another crucial point is having good communication skills. As a part of the services industry, personal concierge job requires lots of communication and your success depends on how you get on with other people. It affects both acquiring new clients, and maintaining good relations with your clientele to turn your first-time clients into regular customers. However, communication skills are much more than just an ability to keep the conversation. They also include listening, knowledge of etiquette and discretion.

Listening as a communication skill includes the ability to remember every detail of the client’s requirements. Personal concierge is someone who saves busy person’s time so you should not count on your client to repeat the task’s description several times. Moreover, effective listening skills facilitate understanding the client’s needs and problems.

Your image will always influence the number of clients you have and knowledge of etiquette will help you behave naturally and move comfortably in the world of the well-to-do. As a personal concierge, you will know small secrets of your clients and you are required to understand that these are to be kept in confidence. For your concierge profession, you need to know social, business, dining and telephone etiquette.

This job requires discretion and sense of what will be inappropriate to do and say to your client. Obviously, you should avoid passing on rumors, speaking about your or your client’s health problems, misfortunes, political and religious issues and any other controversial subject. Thus you will avoid possible disputes which will help you build and maintain a good relationship with the client. Always remember that it is better to attract clients by word-of-mouth and one client may be a source of several customers in future.

Organizational skills

Personal concierge is someone who assists and facilitates other people’s lives leaving to busy people more time for their personal life, family and leisure. So you will need to organize your time and working day, and put clients’ life in order.

To develop good organizational skills, you should always pay much attention to details. Manage tasks keeping a record of everything you do, especially when you are new in the business. Being detail-oriented will not let you forget your client’s preferences, plans, peculiar needs, and any other points your client will appreciate. Always remember that in the services industry we prioritize customer’s satisfaction – impress your clients so that they will go “wow”.

Another point is time management. It includes dividing all your tasks according to their urgency and importance. First, you need to allocate time and energy to solve urgent and important tasks and only then move on to those which are not urgent even if they are easier, faster or more pleasant to complete. Only when you manage your own time, you’ll be able to manage other people effectively.

Learning skills

People turn to personal concierges’ help when they need help with some work or tasks and require a professional approach to their specific needs. That’s why for a successful career you’ll need to be well-versed in many areas of knowledge. Luckily, today it is easy to find professional literature on any topic of interest in bookstores, libraries and online. Gain knowledge in different spheres and pick up a few of them you want to become an expert of. If you want to have a deeper knowledge of a problem, take up a course either at a university or online and on top of that you will also receive a certificate confirming your qualification.

The job of a personal concierge is a fascinating one as it involves communication with people. It will never be boring as every time you will have a new client with a new request. So get prepared that you may want to stay in this sphere for a long time!

If you want to become a concierge and personal assistant to international travelers who come to your city, just register on and become a MeetnGreeter.

We hope to see you on board!

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