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April 15, 2024


Recently, when searching through the Internet I found an interesting comment regarding who concierge is and what a personal concierge does: ‘A concierge will do anything as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical.’ I can’t agree more because the variety of services concierges are ready to provide is endless.

I guess I should use this one to explain the meaning ;-)

Pitching MeetnGreetMe as online social platform for offline localized concierge services I often notice that people don’t really understand what concierge service means. Although the popularity of concierge services is growing, the first thing that comes to each other’s mind is a hotel concierge. Some recall keys keepers and receptionists. And they are right! But it’s just a small part of the concierge business.

A concierge will do anything as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical


Concierge service has been known for centuries, taking one form or another. The word ‘concierge’ evolved from the French comte des cierges which means the ‘keeper of the candles’. The keeper of the candles served visiting noble men at medieval castles. Perhaps, it’s one of the reasons why today concierge service is more popular among people who are top managers, VIP customers of banks, 5 stars’ hotels, and rich corporations, pop stars or just those who have enough money to outsource time and energy consuming issues.

Some experts define concierge service business as one specializing in personal assistance, private chauffeur services, household management services, home relocation services, errands running services, housekeeping and cleaning services as well as planning, finding demanded items, and much more.

Others suggest that concierge is simply another word for personal assistant and mention the following most popular services:

  • Search for tickets to concerts and special events,

  • Transportation Services,

  • Business Referral Service,

  • Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations,

  • Dry cleaning pick-up/delivery,

  • Grocery shopping,

  • Pet services,

  • Senior care,

  • Modified house sitting,

  • Travel and Vacation Planning,

  • Meeting and Event Planning.

Regardless of the difference in the fullness of the definition of concierge service it’s clear that one of the core values of this service is letting people outsource some of their routines and free their time for things that matter.

The contemporary context of concierge service is a fairly recent development. The constantly changing environment accelerates our pace of life requiring us to work longer hours to satisfy our needs.

The price of our time can’t be overestimated. If we could evaluate and realize its current value from the future perspectives, we wouldn’t have wasted it for things that are a kind of ‘need to’ instead of ‘want to’ and stopped compromising on whether to do them ourselves or get help to have them done.

When I came across the idea of MeetnGreetMe, I wasn’t sure what business industry it actually belonged to. I saw the problem and I came up with a solution. I defined MeetnGreetMe services as people’s social efforts to resolve other people’s problems on a mutually beneficial basis. My personal challenge was to make this service affordable and popular among customers on one side and turn it into ‘I want to MeetnGreet people!’ on the other.

Today MeetnGreetMe is a blend of an online social platform and offline localized personal assistance for international business and leisure travelers from local people. Why is it for travelers only? Long story :-) I’ll just say…experience and passion :-D

Come and become part of our MeetnGreetMe Community!

Have an amazing day!

4 responses to “What is Concierge Service - From Keeper of the Candles to Time Treasurer”

  1. Jordan Miner says:

    We’ve been looking for some concierge services, and I think that getting some information would be nice. I think that being able to know where the term concierge comes from is important and that, like you said, it means the keeper of the candles from medieval castles. I think that knowing how concierge services have been around forever is important, and could help us find the right one!

  2. Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for pointing out that concierge can be personal assistance services. Having these in healthcare seems like it would be important. Hopefully, people look into finding the best services for them.

  3. Sam Gibson says:

    Thanks for explaining what a concierge service is. My brother is hoping to find a personal concierge service for him. He travels a lot with work and would love some extra help.

  4. Eve Mitchell says:

    It’s interesting to know that the word concierge is derived from a French word! I think it’s super important for businesses and hotels to have a good concierge service. It can definitely help boost public appearance, which is something any reputable business would want.

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