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April 14, 2024


We love sharing the most useful information and travel hacks from local people from all over the world. Today our local expert Artur from Minsk, Belarus is going to tell you about the best ways how you can easily get from Minsk International Airport to the city.

“As usual, there are different options that depend on your time and budget. Let’s start from the most comfortable and fast way to get to Minsk.

Of course, the fastest way to reach the city from the airport is ordering transfer service. They will bring you to whatever place you need and you don’t have to make any changes and can relax in a comfortable car with your personal driver. Personally, I always advise my colleagues who travel to Minsk on business or to my friends when I can’t pick them up at the airport to order Transfer service. These guys are super polite, with low prices, work 24/7 and speak English (which in Minsk can be a real problem, believe me). Moreover, they offer not only transfer in luxury cars from and to Minsk airport but also trips to other Belarusian cities and major attractions. This can be very useful for a group of people since they transfer up to 20 people at a time.

Why I don’t advise you hire taxi drivers next to the airport? Just because you will definitely overpay and the majority of those drivers do not speak English.

Another option is taking a bus going to the railway station in the city center. The bus number is 300Э and it departs roughly speaking every hour from the bus stop in front of Gate 5-6 (the exact schedule from the Tsentralnyi railway station to the National Airport Minsk and back can be found here). This bus has only one stop which is next to Uruchie underground station. A ticket will cost you a bit more than $2 and in an hour you will get off the bus in the center of Minsk.

There are two shuttle buses going to the Tsentralnyi railway station, as well. The first one is № 1400-TK; its first route from Minsk airport is at 6.55 am and the last one is at 0.30 am. It departs almost every hour just like the bus.

The second shuttle bus number is 1430-TK and the difference from the shuttle bus № 1400-TK is that it goes even more rarely and makes a stop near Mogilevskaya underground station. It makes only 5 trips from the airport to Minsk from 8.40 am to 7.00 pm. Timetable of both shuttle buses can be found here. Free WIFI in all the shuttle buses to the National airport is a nice-to-have bonus for every traveler.

There used to be another option – a train to the railway station however from April 7, 2024 they decided to discontinue this route.

So, these are all the ways to get from Minsk airport to the city. They all differ in comfort, time and cost so it is up to you what you prefer more.”

We thank Artur for such important travel hacks. Do you have something to share with the global travel community of MeetnGreetMe concierge service? Feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to co-create with you!

And in case if you need some help or assistance during your stay in Minsk, just contact our local MeetnGreeters. They are happy to help international travelers in their home city.

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4 responses to “How to Get to Minsk from the Airport”

  1. Bobby Saint says:

    I like that you provided some tips on how to get to Minsk from the airport. you stated that the fastest way to get to the city is by ordering transport service. I couldn’t agree more because the drivers of these transport services are well trained and very professional to bring you to any place which you desire. You can even hire their services for the rest of the week if it’s included in the package. If I were to hire airport shuttle service, I would definitely consider this. Thanks.

    1. Katya Klishchuk Katya Klishchuk says:

      Thanks, Bobby! They are superfast, indeed :)

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    I like what you said here about transportation to the airport. As you explained, the fasted way to reach the airport is to use a transfer service. My friends and I are going to Hawaii this summer, and I think that we will call a transportation service to help us out. Thanks!

    1. Katya Klishchuk Katya Klishchuk says:

      I’m glad you found the information you were looking for!
      For your trip to Hawaii, you can request concierge services from a local MeetnGreeter:

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