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July 1, 2023


The night is in the city, and everybody falls asleep. Only “the mafia” wakes up and parties hard. Where? In the following top night clubs located in Minsk, Belarus. We’ve brought to you best hotels and hostels, top cafes and restaurants, as well as top things to do in winter 2017 in Belarus. Now it’s about time we roll!

Nightlife in Minsk offers you a wide variety of places and activities to do when the sun goes down. Every club and bar has its audience, entertainment and special atmosphere. While the majority of local young people prefer going to bars on Zybitskaya and Oktyabrskaya streets, there are also many clubs, karaoke and casinos to chill out. Do you want to know which are the 10 top ones in Minsk? Then read this article and remember their locations.

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1. Rich Cat night club

In Rich Cat night club many parties and various events are held, there is go-go, barmen show, and hookah. You can book tables for a European cuisine dinner, special events and such occasions as a children’s party or a wedding. Dj-s mostly play RnB, Mash up and pop music and the club also is sometimes a place for concerts. Rich cat club has a dress code a face control, in casual or elegant clothes you will be welcome.

Address: Rich Cat night club is located on Vera Horuzhaya street, 29.
Price: entrance for girls is free (excluding nights with a concert held in the club), males have to pay 20 BYN ($10) to enter the night club.
Open: this Minsk club opens at 11 pm and closes at 6 am.

Party at RichCat night club

2. Duroy

Duroy is a modern restaurant and night club opened in Minsk in 2016 on the bank of Svisloch river. There is a nice and cozy terrace outside where you can enjoy the view onto the city and have a great dinner prepared for you by the restaurant’s chef.

Address: you will find Duroy on Kupala street, 25 very close to Zybitskaya street that boasts the greatest number of bars.
Price: ladies pay 15 BYN ($7.5) and men pay 25 BYN ($12.5) for entrance.
Open: Duroy is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 pm till 6 am.

3. Bogema Live Club

Bogema Live Club is a karaoke club in Minsk that has its peculiarity. Instead of usual backing tracks, here you’ll sing to “Live” show-orchestra. The club hosts up to 200 people at a time and lets you organize a banquet for up to 70 people with dishes from Belarusian, European and Japanese cuisine. Go to Bogema Live Club for parties with Djs and special theme parties and shows, as well.

Address: this karaoke-club is situated on Masherova avenue, 17/1 not far from Victory Square and Yakuba Kolasa Square.
Price: you will need to pay only for entering a party, the price will be 10 BYN ($5) for women and 20 BYN ($10) for men.
Open: it is open every day from 8 pm till 9 am – a nice way to start your day with a few songs.

4. Dozari Club and Mojito Bar

Only a few years ago when clubs were highly popular in Minsk and people didn’t choose bars over clubs, Dozari night club was one of the best ones and due to face control at the entrance it was considered to be cool to party at this club. Today they still hold night parties with Djs and go-go and people still like this place. It is a big club that can house up to 1000 visitors at a time. The club has two levels and four zones: a restaurant, bar, table and a dance floor. Mojito Bar belongs to the Dozari club, and it a good place to go if you got tired dancing and need to refresh or have a drink in a calmer atmosphere. There is also Solovei Karaoke-hall in the same building.

Address: both the club and the bar are located at Nezavisimosti avenue, 58 on Yakub Kolas square underground stop.
Price: until 1 am girls enter for free, after 1 am they need to pay 10 BYN ($5). Guys pay 20 BYN ($10) for entering Dozari night club.
Open: Dozari works from Wednesday till Sunday from 11 pm till 6 pm, Solovei karaoke-hall and Mojito bar are open the whole week from the evening till 6 in the morning.

5. TNT Rock Club

TNT Rock Club is a great mix of a rock club, bar and a restaurant. It is the place where you can go to listen to live music, cover bands and popular rock music bands, have a few drinks and dance, dance, dance… It is a place where you can enjoy dinner with friends in a rock’n’roll atmosphere at live music. It was called after a legendary AC/DC song “TNT” that means a trinitrotoluene explosive. On Wednesdays they play blues, on Friday and Saturday check out the best cover bands in Belarus and on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday listen to acoustical or author’s program. TNT is also a museum of rock culture with a collection of music showpieces.

Address: to find TNT Rock Club head for Revolutsionnaya street, 9 which is very close to Niamiga underground station.
Price: entrance is free, however when there’s a concert you’ll need to pay for a ticket.
Open: the rock club is open daily from 12 am till 12 pm but for Friday and Saturday when it is open until 5 am.

Stage in TNT Rock Club

6. Next club

Another popular night club in Minsk is Next club in the city center. It is located in Crowne Plaza hotel and you can enter the night club either from the street or by an elevator in the Crowne Plaza hotel building. In addition to music, you will find there three VIP zones, four bars, go-go, slot machines and casino.

Address: Next night club is situated on Kirov street, 13 not far from the railway station, Stolitsa underground shopping mall and next to Crowne Plaza hotel.
Price: entrance price for women is 15 BYN ($7.5) and 20 BYN ($10) for men.
Open: this Minsk night club is waiting for visitors on Wednesday – Sunday from 11 pm till 6 am.

7. Prime Hall

Prime Hall is one of the major concert venues in Minsk. It was opened in 2014 on the fourth level in the Zamok shopping mall as a venue for concerts, parties and various events. At daytime they organize presentations, workshops and lectures, conferences, fashion-shows, photo- and video-shooting. And in the evening you can enjoy a music concert or a party in this two-storey venue with 5 bar zones, a Prime Bar zone, a big LED-screen, go-go, barmen-show, dance floor and a comfortable VIP-loge on its second level.

Address: Prime Hall is located on Pobediteley avenue, 65 in the Zamok shopping mall.
Price: check the prices for concert tickets on its official website.
Open: concerts usually start at 7 pm or 8 pm.

8. Kvartira №3 (“Квартира №3”)

Kvartira №3 (in English it is Flat 3) is a café-club with an idea of cozy home parties with your close friends. It is more than just a café or a club, it is a place to chill out and relax in a homelike atmosphere where people go for a nice evening with friends, good music and dances. As for cuisine, in Квартира №3 you can order dishes from Belarusian, European, Italian and Japanese cuisine. By the way, it is the only 24/7 club in Minsk.

Address: café-club Kvartira №3 is located on Kulman street, 3 near Yakub Kolas square.
Price: prices depend on the party, usually there’s free entrance, however for some evening prices range from 5 BYN till 10 BYN ($2.5 – 5).
Open: it is open 24/7.

9. Black House Club

Black House is a night club in the center of Minsk. It offers traditional entertainment program for its visitors: loud music, a big dance floor, chill out zone, VIP zone and VIP cabins, go-go, barmen show and karaoke. It is the right place for a Friday party in a Minsk night club according to all the traditions of the classical nightlife of a big city.

Address: you will find Black House Club on Kiselev street, 12 between the Trinity Suburb and Victory Square.
Price: enter for ladies costs 15 BYN ($7.5), for men – 25 BYN ($12.5).
Open: this night club is open daily, on Sunday – Thursday it welcomes you from 11 pm till 7 am. On Friday and Saturday parties last from 9 pm till 9 am.

10. Madison Royal Club

Madison Royal Club exists in Minsk for 15 years already and is still popular among Belarusian young people. Parties on weekend, various events, banquets, weddings are held in this night club. According to the dress code, preference is given to girls in dresses and men in suits.

Address: Madison Royal Club is located on Timiryazev street, 9 between Frunzenskaya and Molodezhnaya underground stations.
Price: there are 14+ parties on Saturday that cost 5 – 15 BYN ($2.5 – 7.5), as for parties for adults, ladies will need to pay 10 BYN ($5) after 1 am (before 1 am the entrance for girls is free) and guys will need to pay 10 BYN ($5) before 12 pm or 15 BYN ($7.5) after.
Open: this club is closed from Monday till Wednesday, however from Thursday till Sunday it is open from 11 pm till 6 am.

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