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September 12, 2023


Prague is a city, where every corner keeps its own memory. Here you can just wander aimlessly without having a route, but still constantly bump into something interesting: medieval buildings, cathedrals and churches, antique shops and cozy taverns. I spent only a week in Prague, but even in such a short time, I found many places that I would like to share! Some of them are popular with tourists, and some are real hidden gems for fans of local experience.

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Kafka Museum

This is a must-see not only for Kafka’s admirers but also for those who are interested in literature and history of the 20th century. Franz Kafka is a very important figure for Prague: he lived and worked here, here he is buried. The museum perfectly recreates the atmosphere of Kafka’s novels thanks to its interactivity and installations, it not only acquaints you with the history of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century but also helps to dive into his inner world and imagine yourself for a few minutes as the character of “The Castle” or “The Trial”. This is an incredible experience!

St Vitus Cathedral

Probably, there is not a single article about Prague and not a single guide which would not advise going to St. Vitus Cathedral and admiring its magnificence. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague! And not in vain: this cathedral is a prominent example of Gothic architecture and is the largest and most important church in the country. The cathedral is the burial place of the former Czech kings and a home of the Czech Crown Jewels.

Soaring Gothic architecture on the outside will amaze you with its beauty and intricate carvings. There is a treasury room – marked by a gold filigree carved door on one side, and beautiful frescoes and painted archways over the doors in the courtyard area. Inside, you’ll find spectacularly stained glass windows, including one whole series by the celebrated Czech Art Nouveau artist Alfons Mucha. This is a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture!

Shakespeare and Sons Bookstore

To all the bookworms like me, I can advise “Shakespeare a synové” - this is the oldest and biggest second-hand bookshop in Prague with books and magazines in English. This is the best place to hang for a couple of hours, settling down with a book on an old couch or right on a step ladder, attached to one of the many shelves with books.

Letenske Sady

Prague is a paradise for dog lovers. There are a lot of them, especially in parks and gardens. One of them - Letenske Sady - is especially good for walking: it is located near the old town and has lots of nice paths. This beautiful large park offers a magnificent view of the city below. It’s a lovely area for a stroll away from the busy touristy areas. It seems to be quite popular with the locals (especially locals walking their dogs ❤️ ). On the hill you can see a huge metronome - it looks impressive!

The natural Park Divoka Šarka

A natural reservation just 30 minutes from Wenceslas Square? Believe it or not, it is true! Creeks, rocks in different shapes and water flowing between them, mini waterfalls and even a small canyon unfold their mystical beauty on the huge surface of Divoka Sarka (Sharka the Wild).

In the middle of the immense park, there is a natural lake called “Dzban” (The Jug), a natural swimming pool where you can also go for a swim if you don’t mind the coldish water.

You can not only wander along the paths through the small forest but can also find your way up the rocks and enjoy a wonderful view of the entire place.

Roller blading, hiking, cycling, jogging, sunbathing, and even trivial walks with your dog and discovering the hidden beauty of nature are just a few of the activities that can make your day an unforgettable one.

Amongst the places worth mentioning is a terrace where you can sit at and have some good old Czech draft beer and grilled sausages. And that is not the only one refreshment places nearby!

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