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September 6, 2023

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When I was packing my bags for my trip to Tallinn, I thought that I would spend there 3 days and return home. But eventually, I instantly fell in love with this city and stayed there for two weeks. Here are some places that will help you to fall in love with Tallinn too!


KUMU Art Museum

The first place that took my breath away was KUMU – the headquarters of the Art Museum of Estonia, as well as the largest and most impressive exhibition venue in the country. This museum deserves your attention not only by the exposure devoted to the Estonian art both modern and of the 18th-20th centuries. The building alone is spectacular and has won several architecture awards. Be ready to spend at least 3 hours in the museum: there are 5 floors with both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and the surrounding area is worth a stroll. Don’t forget to glance in the internal court yard and stop by Reval Café for a cup of decent coffee!


Sunset at Pirita beach

Pirita beach, the biggest in Tallinn, is located in the suburb of Pirita but popular with beachgoers from all over the city. You can get there by bus from the city center. It’s a beautiful beach, environed with the pine wood and long promenades to stroll enjoying great views over the Baltic sea. From the beach, you can see all the way to the harbor with large cruise ships floating in the sea. It might be too cold for swimming, but it’s a perfect place to gaze at the sea and have a picnic.

Kalamaja-district, or the so-called “hipsterville” of Tallinn

Kalamaja district

Just in a ten-minute walk from the Old Town you’ll discover Kalamaja, a vibrant meeting point for Tallinn’s creative bohemians, artists, and students. Kalamaja is a former fishermen’s district and ghetto; it has undergone a phoenix-like revival that’s got everybody talking: its old abandoned factories now contain hot new restaurants, and its beautiful wooden houses are drawing in a surge of young hip residents. In general, this place has a lot to offer – from great museums to strange shopping opportunities and excellent food and drink establishments.



Linnahall is a former concert/sports venue in Tallinn, situated on the harbor, just beyond the walls of the Old Town. It’s a tremendous concrete edifice originally built for 1980 Olympic regatta. Now it’s partially abandoned, covered with graffiti and its roof is used by locals as a favourite place to enjoy the sunset.

Fun fact for cinephiles: famous Soviet filmmaker and writer Tarkovsky shot some of the scenes of his “Stalker” movie not far from Linnahall.

Rotermann Quarter

Rottermann Quarter

It’s a real gem for contemporary architecture and design fans! The old Rotermann quarter was once an industrial wasteland, littered with derelict buildings and old factories, that have been skillfully rejuvenated with ultra-modern architecture and pimped up into something truly remarkable. What makes the Rotermann quarter such a special place is that the transition between old and new is almost seamless, in a way that we haven’t seen in many other cities.

Locals love this area as a place to work, shop, eat and relax. There are always a lot of cool and interesting things going on here that you can participate in.

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