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February 8, 2024

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The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most magnetic destinations. Here, mountains plunge into the Mediterranean sea and the landscapes attract travel photographers, tourists who are looking for burning sun and those interested in authentic culture.

Priscilla, a local who lives and loves this region, shares her insights about the Amalfi Coast.

If life offers you lemons, lemons sfusato, why not a limoncello!

Southern Italy has culture, gastronomy, history and of course the passion to live!

The Amalfi Coast is a stunning stretch of 60 km of narrow roads between Salerno and Sorrento in the Campania region, part of the coast is considered as UNESCO’s historical heritage. Famous for its lemons and vertical towns, the coastline is impressing with the views of coast and sea.

Photo taken by Priscilla

One of the most visited cities, I can mention Ravello, a city located on a rock, in front of the biggest seaside resort, Maiori. Ravello is famous for the music festivals that take place in Villa Rufalo, several singers from all over the world present shows at the top of the coast, the look is enchanting. The structure of the house is unique in terms of architecture and decoration.

Villa Cimbrone is a place which everyone should know, it’s famous for the infinite look. The village makes us reflect, dream and breathe pure air. The gardens were rebuilt by Beckett at the same time. The villa is now a hotel, its gardens are open to the public. Ravello is a light, chic and historic city. Its scenic beauty makes it a popular tourist destination and earned it a UNESCO World Heritage list in 1996.

Vietri is the first city on the Amalfi Coast famous for ceramics, a local article of the region. In all looks, ceramic is found around the region, the pieces are beautiful and demonstrate the local culture.

Priscilla - MeetnGreeter in Amalfi coast

Amalfi is the most popular city that everyone should pass on. There Amalfi’s Paper Museum where you can see how paper was made and you can even make paper yourself. “Bambagina” is the famous handmade thick paper. It is exported to many European countries and to America and has been used throughout Italy for wedding invitations, business cards and elegant writing paper.

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew (Duomo) overlooks Piazza Duomo in the heart of Amalfi. The cathedral dates back to the 11th century; its interior is decorated in late Baroque style, with a central nave and two naves divided by 20 columns. The facade of the Byzantine cathedral is in style and is decorated with various paintings of Saints, including a large fresco of Saint Andrew.

Amalfi is really famous for its lemons - the Amalfitano sfusato. They are typically long and at least twice the size of other lemons with a thick, wrinkled skin and a sweet and juicy flesh. The best part of this lemon is its skin.

Travelers have the opportunity to experience the daily life on a lemon farm with Salvatore Aceto on the Lemon Tour. They will learn how the harvest works, know the stories behind the lemons, visit the limoncello factory and enjoy the delights of the lemon.

Positano is the most luxurious city in the region, famous for the shops and clothing. Positano shows the visitor a view from the top because the city is totally vertical and is on the sea.

Among other famous attractions is the Emerald Grotto, the interior is very similar to a magnificent oriental temple full of columns, stalactites and curtains of strange shapes.

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