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January 26, 2024

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

The old proverb is more than fair when it comes to traveling to such popular tourist destinations like Rome. As usual, there are tourist traps the majority of travelers fall for. Here they are for Rome:

1. Food

When you are in Italy, you are definitely looking to try the authentic pizza, pasta, gelato, lasagna and many other delicious typical dishes famous in the whole world. As Rome has grown bigger, the question of quantity and quality comes into the topic. There are numerous cafes and restaurants on every corner, but remember that as a rule, touristy places are home to the restaurants for tourists. Traditional Italian food you will remember for a long time is served in smaller cafes and restaurants where you will see locals rather than tourists. To find a really nice place, turn round the corner of main streets and squares and go to narrow lanes. Another option is to go to non-touristy areas like Trastevere or Testaccio where delicious food will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The same as for restaurants, gelato is priced much higher in areas close to Colosseum, Vatican, and other major attractions. To save a few coins, spend some 10 minutes walking around and looking for better prices.

If you are looking to buy food rather than go to a restaurant, don’t do this from pushy vendors on the streets. You’d better find a supermarket or (this will be the best solution) go to a local market. The most delicious and fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other specialties are offered on local markets along with authentic experience and a pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurant in Piazza Navona

2. Transportation

Use either public transport or official taxis to ride for long distances. Don’t take an informal taxi because as in all cities this will hardly be cheap and safe. You can also choose between Uber Black and other safe apps for riding to make sure you will reach your destination safe, sound and without overpaying.

3. Queues

Standing in a queue under the burning Italian sun for an hour and more is difficult. You’d better buy tickets for Colosseum, Vatican and city museums online beforehand. Save your time and energy for discovering the ancient beauties of the Eternal City.


These are the main tourist traps in Rome. MeetnGreetMe wishes you an amazing Roman holiday and if you need any help, just contact local MeetnGreeters in Rome. These trustworthy people will help you arrange your trip, make it really individualized and will share more tips for a safe and pleasant trip!

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