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March 2, 2024

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Rome is a well-known place for its historical treasures and long history – even its second name is “Eternal city”. Does it mean that it has been studied and mapped inch by inch by touristы all over the world for the same eternity of years?

Yes, everyone will agree that a flow of tourists to this city is enormous, so fewer and fewer places are left hidden from their eyes. By secret, we asked our gracious MeetnGreeters in Rome to share their favorite spots and activities – feel free to check them all!

San Lorenzo District

Piazza dell’Immacolata

Today due to the vicinity of La Sapienza University, San Lorenzo (just to the southeast of Stazione Termini) is increasingly assuming the character of a student and young artist district. Packed with cheap eateries, freaky bars, and boutique shops, it is a welcome break from the touristy center. It also has a reputation as one of Rome’s most bustling neighborhoods – there is something going on all the time, and it seems that no one ever sleeps.

Come here if you like:

– graffiti (the booming street art scene in Rome has found a natural home in the backdrop of San Lorenzo);

– shopping (there’s no better place to pick up a unique gift than in designer and handmade shops of this district. For example, for the unique pieces of trendy clothing and accessories made by up-and-coming stylists, head to Artifizio);

– chocolate (chocolate lovers should not miss a trip to SAID, a shop and bistro which dates back to 1923 and offers a variety of sweet treats including their famous hot chocolate);

– nightlife (in summer, crowds grab bottles of beer and chill out in Piazza dell’Immacolata, the district’s main meeting point, before heading to one of the cheap and cheerful pizzerias such as Formula Uno or Il Podista. Young people are also fond of Circolo degli Artisti that is great for live music. All in all, the varied bar scene covers every taste from cozy pubs with beer on tap to hipster hangouts and lounge bar/galleries, so everyone can find something in accordance with their tastes).

Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini

Underneath a grand mansion that has been the seat of the Province of Rome since 1873 lie the archaeological remains of several lavish ancient Roman houses – and using state of art technology such as lasers and sound effects, the archaeological remains of ancient Roman houses have been brought to life and turned into a fascinating multimedia experience.

This is a unique example of how the antiquity can be regenerated by restoration and enhanced with the use of new technologies!

Find all the information concerning the visit here. We promise it will be both educational and entertaining.

Parco Degli Acquedotti

The park is named after the aqueducts (waterways) that go through it. Although it is located just 8 km from the center of Rome, it has been protected from development and retains a rustic air. Towards the South and East of the park, even crops are still grown and sheep can be found grazing. This place is completely suitable for unity with nature and picnics in summer.

In addition, partly due to its proximity to Rome’s movie studios at Cinecittà, the park is often used as a film location. In case you want to practice your photography skills, you’ll get an excellent head start right here.

The Fraschette

The “fraschette” are typical taverns of the Castelli Romani that have very ancient origins: even during the Middle Ages, they were used by the farmers of the Roman countryside when, on the road to the capital, they needed occasional points of refreshment along the way. Surprisingly, the fraschette have not declined in popularity since then.

So, as you might understand, this activity requires a short trip away from the city. In spring, and especially on Easter Monday, Romans go to nearby places like Ariccia, Frascati, Grottaferrata, Marino, Cerveteri (any will do, although locals especially adore Ariccia and Grottaferrata) and have lunch at one of the so-called “fraschette” – local rustic restaurants, where they eat cured meat (porchetta), cheese, olives and good wine, enjoying the first mild temperatures of the upcoming spring.

These places can be easily found by the outdoor signs that say “Fraschette” (but mind asking a local MeetnGreeter about their favorite ones). Prices are ridiculously low there. For a meal basedsolely on mixed appetizers, wine, water and coffee, it comes to about 10 euro a head. Reservations do not apply here but since there are so many similar establishments to choose from, obtaining seating is not a problem.

Eat Carciofi alla Giudia (a type of deep-fried artichoke dish) in the Jewish Ghetto area

Even while you might appreciate artichoke recipes, the fact is that the artichokes you can get at home just aren’t the same as the artichokes you will get in Rome! :)

While there are a lot of places in the ghetto that serve them, we recommend you to choose on the spot. In case you are an enthusiast who is eager to plan everything ahead, there are 3 places you can pin on the map: Piperno (a so-called “granddaddy” of artichoke restaurants in Rome. Located at the edge of the Roman Jewish Ghetto, it prepares and serves artichokes all year round), Sora Margherita and Gigetto.

If you don’t want confine yourself with these hints and places, you already know what to do – click the button below and write to one of the local assistants in Rome! They will easily create a detailed plan of the trip just for you and share all the insights.

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