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July 7, 2023


Every time we go to another country we face different problems because of not knowing the city, its rules and traditions.

Problems can be awaiting you everywhere. We’ve already outlined some of them in our list of the Most Common Travel Problems. Even when it comes to such minor things as cooking a real Spanish sangria this hot summer, a small mistake can make a big difference. But no worries. We’ve got these covered!

MeetnGreetMe aims to help you travel safe and with comfort, so we decided to gather the most typical mistakes that travelers often make when visiting Europe.

1. Accommodation

Finding nice, comfortable, convenient and safe accommodation at a good price may be a problem for citizens, not to mention a person who visits a city for the first time. Incorrect choice may not only rob your money, but question your safety. In such cases you can turn to a local person who can advise you on the best option. It has become very simple with MeetnGreetMe - choose any MeetnGreeter in the place of your destination and you problem with accommodation will be easily solved.

2. Eating out

The same thing happens when it comes to choosing a cafe or a restaurant. Tourist areas and city centres always swarm with such venues, but as a rule, they are overpriced and designed for foreigners. Local people may advice you on where to eat out, and it is not only about the prices, but also about the quality of food.

3. Local traditions and customs

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Follow local traditions and customs, but, what’s more, abide by the law. What is absolutely normal and legal in your country may be out of law somewhere abroad. You’d better read about some local laws not to be fined for breaking them.

4. Markets and souvenirs

You should never forget that everything designed for tourists and sold in tourist areas is overpriced. Don’t hurry to buy souvenirs for all your friends and relatives in the first shop you see. Some 200 metres away it may cost twice less.

5. Money and banks

Research which banks have the best exchange rate and make all money operations there. Some banks charge an extra fee or commission from the sum of money you exchange so it’s better to look for an ATM with free of charge operations. Sometimes after exchanging your money you may be surprised at how far your expectations are from reality. So in advance ask a currency exchange officer how much money you will receive.

6. Telephone

Bear in mind that mobile operators have different tariffs for using their services at home and abroad. In order not to waste money on calls, sms and internet in roaming buy a SIM card in the country you are visiting. It will definitely save lots of money.

7. Public transport

Find out about the payment system in public transport in advance because it varies from country to country. Culture of public transport behaviour differs: in some countries it’s ill-mannered to give place to a woman, in others it is a must. Also you may be surprised at how to stop a bus abroad - push a button, calmly wait for a stop or pull a string.

8. Street sellers

Quite often you will see people offering in the street flowers or some small handicraft things like bracelets. They reassure every passer-by that it is a small present for them, meaning that is free, but as soon as it is in your hands they will demand a payment or donation.

9. By the way, how do you cross the road?

In some countries you may be fined for crossing at a red light or not at a pedestrian crossing but in other countries you may look even suspicious waiting for a green light while others cross the road for dozens of times. We hope you have found these pieces of advice useful.

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