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October 10, 2023


Here at MeetnGreetMe we frequently share with you stories about how our MeetnGreeters helped world travelers during their business and leisure visits and offered personal concierge services to them. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from individual travelers and we are glad that we managed to make their journeys truly memorable and enjoyable.

At the same time we often work with corporate clients and assist them at different business meetings, conferences and workshops. We would like to share with you the feedback we’ve received from our recent clients. Last month we were commissioned by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry to accompany Omani top delegates during their business visit to Belarus and assist with any issues and concerns.

From the time Omani business people and government officials arrived and up to the time they left our MeetnGreeters were always there by their side and assisted them during their leisure time and business meetings, for instance

  • interpreted and translated at B2B sessions and conferences;
  • made telephone calls;
  • booked the best restaurants and cafes in the Belarusian capital;
  • visited local business people and factories to help establish partnerships;
  • arranged leisure activities;
  • went shopping together for souvenirs and gifts for their families;
  • helped find business contacts and potential local partners;
  • conducted research and shared their knowledge about the local business culture.

Both MeetnGreeters and Omani top delegates enjoyed their time and said that this visit facilitated intercultural dialogue and helped Omani business people experience the peace of mind and feel truly welcome in Belarus.

We interviewed Omani guests and would be happy to share their feedback and impressions with you.

“Before our visit we thought the country is still not very developed, old and very cold. Definitely we all liked our visit to Belarus, it’s a very nice country with very friendly, young and hospitable people, old history, modern infrastructure and advanced technologies. The best memories I have are the good times we had with our friends from Belarus, the nice restaurants and the beautiful city sites. Definitely I am planning to come back with family and friends.” - Sheikh Ahmed bin Saif Almahrooki, Chairman

“I’ve never heard anything much about Belarus. It was my first visit to Belarus, even though I’ve been all over the world, to Asian countries, Arab world, the USA, Europe and more. I really liked my visit. I was surprised how beautiful and clean the country is. Belarus can be a big tourist hub. The weather in summer is fantastic and the prices are reasonable. It is as good as Thailand where most people go because of the prices and the quality of service. The Belarusian people we met are very kind…very nice. Tourists like to visit those countries where they won’t be hassled and bothered by anybody. They want good reception and hospitality. And this is what I experienced in Belarus. Of course, I would like to come back again with my family maybe next summer.” - Adil bin Salim bin Sulaiman Al Fairuz, Chairman.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank MeetnGreetMe for the time allocated during our meeting. I didn’t hear much about Belarus, all that I knew was that it is small country, calm, stable, and with cold weather. I absolutely liked the visit. Simply because of people and culture, the way they welcomed us from the time we landed until the time we left the country. It’s a country with a lot of potential. I would like to come back and soon. I have a plan to do some more homework with a possible partner to survey the market, to calculate the requirements in order to build a best business plan for our future in Belarus. Thank you very much.” - Ahmed bin Ali Al Mahrooqi, Chairman.

“Let me thank you and your team for the time spent with us during our visit to Minsk. I liked my visit to Belarus because of the following: people are very friendly, the country is clean with good environment, the infrastructure is great, it is politically stable and has a lot of growth potential. I would like to come back again. I have a plan to come back with friends to conduct further survey around the possible business in Belarus.” - Ghanim bin Dhahir bin Hilal Al Bathari, Chairman.

“I didn’t know much about Belarus before we came. I only knew the capital was Minsk, and that it was a former USSR country. I always thought it will be very similar to Russia in many ways. But I didnt know anything else. I enjoyed our visit very much. The people are amazing. Minsk is nice and if you know the right places to visit, you could have a lot of fun. The best memory I have is meeting some very nice people, the national library was very nice and walking around Minsk was very enjoyable too. Whenever I enjoy myself in a place that I visit, I always think of visiting again.” - Amro bin Salem bin Ali Al Siyabi, Director.

We are delighted that could be of help and support Omani delegates during their business visit to Belarus. Our MeetnGreeters are always there to lend a hand not only to individual travelers but business visitors too.

If you are planning to pay a visit to a new country, explore new business opportunities, travel with a delegation to establish new partnerships or arrange leisure activities for your team members or international guests, feel free to contact us at

Build loyalty and impress your clients and team members with individualized approach to their needs. With MeetnGreetMe.

2 responses to “How We MeetnGreeted Top Omani Delegation”

  1. Laura Owen, USA says:

    This distinguished delegation from Oman was wise to engage MeetnGreetMe to support their successful visit to Belarus. Business and political leaders from around the world would benefit greatly by their valuable services.

    1. Juliya Titova Juliya Titova says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Laura! It would be our pleasure to work with more business and political clients!

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