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June 13, 2023

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It’s a summer evening. It seems that not only people, but also houses and trees inhale the breeze of the upcoming night…Time to relax… Time for sangria!

What can be more chilling and refreshing than a glass of sangria in the summer. Why not love sangria? It’s lush, sweet, boozy and incredibly tasty. It’s very simple to fall in love with it.

Being “a bit of everything you can find in the kitchen” Spanish sangria doesn’t seem to have a fixed recipe. There is one ingredient which is meant to make sangria genuinely delicious.… A great company of close friends!

Feel free to improvise with these ingredients and create your own unique sangria recipes. So here is what you need as a base:

  • slices of the chosen fruit (normally apples and oranges);
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar (brown or cane sugar, if you like);
  • 60 ml of cogniac (some prefer to add rum or brandy);
  • 750 ml of dry red wine;
  • 300 ml of orange juice;
  • 480 ml of sparkling water.

Just mix these ingredients up and add some ice cubes into a bowl or a jar. Stir one more time to chill. Mind that sangria should be always served ice-cold and with a smile.

If you’d like to make a sangria really in tune with the Spanish tradition, use Garnacha, Merlot or Tempranillo, or you can find another red wine available in your country.

Don’t forget to enjoy this fantastic summery drink with a salad, patatas bravas or some veggie burgers.

Oh, and by the way, please mind that sangria is designed to be enjoyed with your friends or family members on a beach during warm summer months. It is a great cocktail to light up any holiday party or next summer barbeque you are planning to host.

And if you need a piece of advice on a great beach in a new city or the best cafe to try out the real sangria, just hire a MeetnGreeter and enjoy your time!

If you know any other great summer drinks recipes, share them with us!

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