MeetnGreetMe International Guideline on Travel Problems


Concierge Guide, Travel Tips

July 7, 2023


Every time we go to another country we face different problems because of not knowing the city, its rules and traditions. Problems can be awaiting you everywhere. We’ve already outlined some of them in our list of the Most Common Travel Problems. Even when it comes to such minor things as cooking a real Spanish sangria this hot summer,…

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Secrets of the Real Spanish Sangria


Travel Tips

June 13, 2023

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It’s a summer evening. It seems that not only people, but also houses and trees inhale the breeze of the upcoming night…Time to relax… Time for sangria! What can be more chilling and refreshing than a glass of sangria in the summer. Why not love sangria? It’s lush, sweet, boozy and incredibly tasty. It’s very…

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