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January 25, 2024


With 2018 rushing fast in our lives, we are predicting some new ideas and hacks that will be widespread in the travel industry and will influence our trips for the years ahead.

Take a look and decide whether you are ready for this extraordinary year or not.

1) A desire to step off the beaten track

As social media open people’s eyes to lesser-known destinations, travelers are increasingly seeking more remote places to travel – for now, it is not enough to climb the Eiffel Tower or take a photo next to the Great Wall of China. Not in 2018!

After travelers studied popular destinations along and across, the time has come to expand the geographic search. Head to Belarus, which now offers a five-day visa-free travel opportunity, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, and Poland – or just expect to hear more buzz about lesser-discovered Europe when your friends get there earlier than you do. Don’t hesitate!

2) A new era for solo travel

A 40% increase in solo passengers over the past five years sounds like a solid number, right? Traveling alone can be inspiring, uplifting, and practical, adding the facts that trip planning is easier and you’re the master of your own schedule, you should give it a try at least once.

MeetnGreetMe prepared lots of useful information for those brave travelers who will hit the road on their own. Read about Female Solo Travel in the United Arab Emirates or take a look at 10 amazing travel destinations where you won’t get bored even when alone.

3) Experiences will remain at the heart of it all

This should come as no surprise when we say that travelers around the world are still searching for experiences that are unique and authentic.

From learning about a destination’s culture to attending local cultural events and sports activities – in their journey people seek memories and appeals that will last a lifetime. And we wholeheartedly understand and support this desire. As long as we prioritize the quality of the delivered experience and destinations, be sure our local MeetnGreeters (personal local concierges) will create you an unforgettable adventure!

4) Growing popularity of off-season travel

Travelers often take a holiday to escape winter but there has been an increase in holidaymakers rushing to winter destinations to make the most of off-season prices and avoid crowds. Are you ready to live somewhere around the Arctic Circle?

5) Personalized approach

Hey, and again a point in our favor! You definitely know that personalized approach is something MeetnGreetMe philosophy is based on. Since it is a global platform connecting travelers and local people for getting personalized tailor-made services, individual approach to each client is one of the fundamental principles of the service.

Have you already checked how it works in real life? Here are our case studies as a proof!

6) Event travel

Visiting a place during a major cultural event can be a great way to immerse yourself in that culture and find out more about the local history. It is not only about weird and wonderful festivals that are celebrated around the world year-round, but also major conferences, workshops and educational programs!

For a modern traveler, it is not enough to try national cuisine or take pictures in front of the sights – they want to be in the epicenter of events and activities. And no matter whether they are educational or entertaining. It is time for trips with a purpose.

7) Wellness holidays

Health-conscious travel is on the rise!

The value of primary wellness trips (these are trips when travelers go somewhere specifically for their well-being and include stays at ashrams or yoga retreats, for example) is increasing from year to year. Wellness tourism is as wide-ranging as the travel industry itself and there’s always a vast spectrum of the types of trips that travelers take to improve their well-being – next time give a preference to a ski resort or, maybe, a surf school.

By the way, in 2018 US, Germany, France, China and Japan are predicted to be among the top wellness tourism markets.

8) Authentic way to travel

Perhaps, authenticity is simultaneously the most talked about trend in travel for all the recent years, as tourists tend to find the quest for authenticity addictive.

You can ask, what do we mean by the word “authentic”. It is close to local experiences while traveling – it is when you find where the locals prefer to dine or hang out, attend a party hosted by locals or learn several phrases in a new language abroad.

If you want to bring some authenticity to your next trip – just make friends with one of the local MeetnGreeters. :)

9) A shift away from fine dining while traveling

Modern travelers are seeking unique food experiences. Guided tours of local markets and family feasts around the table in a local’s home is now a more preferred way to dine for tourists with every budget.

What is more, have you ever tried to buy products on the local market and cook one of the national dishes yourself?

10) Unusual accommodation

As you have understood, the general travel trend at the moment is for experience-based holidays, and that’s in full force when it comes to staycations – people want to stay in unique places. They don’t book usual hotels with gyms and high-class breakfasts anymore, and prefer to look extraordinary and stay in places like underground bunkers or a treehouse with a canopy.

The number is impressive – staycation demand is 70 % up in comparison with previous years!


All in all, it seems like in 2018 travel trends look to be more about heading off the beaten track, learning new skills abroad and diving into new cultures around the world. Let’s discover together whether the predictions are right! Stay connected!

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