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January 12, 2024

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Olympic games are a great occasion that brings sports amateurs from all over the world together. It’s not only a perfect opportunity to witness the coolest moments in the history of winter sports, but also to explore new places, learn about other cultures and meet new friends from around the globe. Besides sports events, there are lots of cultural exhibitions, evening activities, and much more.

This time the meeting point for all the Olympic fans will be Pyeongchang, South Korea. The opening ceremony will take place on 9 February 2024 and the games will end on 25 February 2018.

By the way, did you know that Pyeongchang is the smallest city to host the Olympic Games since the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway?

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That’s why here’s our guide for those who are heading to Pyeongchang to see Winter Olympics 2018 with their own eyes.

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For people traveling from America and Europe the most convenient way to get to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games will be by air travel. Incheon International Airport in Seoul is the main international gateway for the country. There’s also a high-speed railway between Pyeongchang and Incheon International Airport that is expected to be finished in time for the Games.

Where to live?

Pyeongchang is a rural area with pretty few accommodation variants available. And as the Pyeongchang Olympics are just 4 weeks away, the sooner you book the place to live, the better.

Most of the ski resorts are fully booked but there is still a chance to find a hotel or an apartment on Airbnb. There are different options starting from a private room to an entire chalet and a vacation home.

You can try to book a hotel in Pyeongchang or nearby. Kayak search could be very helpful in that case.

But hurry up! The demand is extremely high and the clock is ticking!

What to do?

The first thing you are interested in Pyeongchang is, of course, the Olympics.

Have a look at the Olympic Calendar so that you don’t miss a thing:

Sure thing you are going to have a great entertainment program of Olympic events, but here are some other recommendations on what you can do in your spare time.

Pyeongchang is famous for its mountains, caves and parks among nature lovers. So the first thing we’d recommend to do is to visit Odaesan National Park (오대산국립공원(Hangul)). The park is named after one of the most famous mountains – the 1,563-metre mountain Odaesan, which means “Five Plains Mountain”. Odaesan National Park is well known for its temples and waterfalls. It’s a perfect place for hiking and forest bathing.

Not far from the Odaesan National Park you can find The Woljeongsa Temple. It is located in a forested valley east of Odaesan Mountain and is in charge of over 60 temples and 8 monasteries in the area. The temple compound is 1400+ years old and is surrounded by forest. Besides the temple site itself, there is a great walking course through the woods. Here you can enjoy fresh air and take some great pictures of breathtaking nature. You can also eat something or drink a good coffee inside this place. The typical Buddhist temples are a must if you are in South Korea.

If you are a ski fan and want not only to watch but also to ski yourself Phoenix Snow Park is a great place for it! The park provides 3 sessions for skiers in the morning, afternoon and at night, so you can choose the right time for you. The resort has a total of seventeen slopes, four of which are approved by the FIS (International Ski Federation), and has superb snow quality. Phoenix Snow Park is an environmentally friendly resort and is great for families with kids.

What to eat?

Traveling to South Korea is a unique chance to try local food which is very tasty and authentic.

Buckwheat is Pyeongchang’s special regional product and there are many local dishes made of buckwheat. So you really need to try a dish called makguksu – buckwheat noodles.

Gangwon Province is also known for its mountain vegetables and hanwoo beef. Gangwondo’s beef is very famous for its tender taste.

Rainbow trout is one of the most popular dishes in Pyeongchang. The reason why Pyeongchang’s rainbow trout tastes so good is that Rainbow trout is raised in fish farms and the water is taken right from the valley.

Corn is one of Pyeongchang`s specialities so you can also try Makgeolli – a slightly sweet alcoholic drink. It is made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. It has a milky, off-white color and has about 6–8% alcohol by volume.

Where to eat?

Youngchun garden
☎ +82 33-334-9933
A restaurant famous for growing traditional Korean black chicken and cooking it with oriental medicinal herbs.
₩20,000 per person and more.

Paldo Myeon Ga
☎ +82 33-332-5975
A Korean traditional restaurant opened in 198 and located near the Olympic market. Here you can try Spicy Stir-fried Chicken, a broiled eels with natural herbs, and other local specialties.
₩10,000 per person and more.


We really hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Pyeongchang and return back home great memories! If you want to get a really personalized approach to your needs and interests – keep in mind that MeetnGreetMe and our local assistants around the world will gladly give you a hand!

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