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June 1, 2023

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Together with MeetnGreetMe and our fantastic locals we keep exploring more interesting holiday destinations around the world. Recently we have taken you on a tour around top places to visit in Lviv, learned about folk open air museums in Belarus, and walked along the beaches of Albufeira which is the most popular sea resort in Portugal.

Today we are moving with you to a less discovered but no less fascinating travel destination - Uganda.

uganda women - travel guide

It’s quite interesting to know that Uganda is very popular among international travelers and is highly praised for local people’s hospitality and well-developed tourist infrastructure. But what makes Uganda particularly famous is its rich wildlife and a wide variety of birds, mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. It was referred to as a pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill for its magnificence and nature.

Bwire Isaac, a knowledageable and friendly local travel expert is sharing some curious facts about Jinja city, Uganda with you. Enjoy!



jinja uganda local expert travel guide

‘I am 29 years and I am married to a beautiful wife called Erina. I am a social worker. I work with children in Uganda, mainly orphans and local women and men here in Jinja city. Whenever I have free time, I love watching soccer, singing, listening to church music and watching comedy. I am a fun guy and I always need to meet and make new friends. In my leisure time I work as a local travel guide here in Jinja city.

What makes Jinja city a special holiday destination in Uganda

jinja uganda homes travel guide

Jinja city is a well-organized city with beautiful nature and surrounded by waters and green hills. Jinja is where the source of the Nile river is located. It is covered with the biggest part of Lake Victoria in Uganda.

What’s more, Jinja has many restaurants where they cook local food and the service is good too. Most of the foods that we have here are posh, Matoke, cassava, local potatoes, local beans, greens, chapatti (Rolex was named to be the best in Africa, this Rolex is made up of chapatti, eggs, onions, some greens, etc.) and many more traditional Ugandan dishes.

traditional food in Uganda

And we also have here a variety of birds and crocodiles. People are very sociable. You will also see around some things typical of Uganda, such as traditional sandals, local instruments and African art and designs.

Despite this, there are actually many hotels and lodges near Lake Victoria and the river Nile in Jinja where you can have good rest. And also spend fun time with friendly monkeys!

monkey in jinja uganda

So there are a lot of things to learn, to see, experience and have time to spend with locals, so I encourage tourists to come and test the heart of Uganda - Jinja city.

Best places in Jinja to try local food

The first place is my home! I can have tourists at my please and cook some local food for them! :)

And we have many local restaurants like De Nile café, Flavors, 2 Friends Restaurant, Jinja sailing club and many more.

My favorite place in Jinja

The favorite place is the source of the Nile river. It’s just amazing every day and every time I visit it the place is great and picturesque. What is more important is that it is the historical land of Uganda and the whole Africa. It has special birds, crocodiles and great waters for sailing.

jinja uganda local expert travel guide

My favorite national proverb

“Okukyala kulaba, okudda kuwaya”

This means that visiting places is all about seeing and having great experience, and then returning home is needed to explain what you have seen and how good it was.”

We hope you enjoyed the insightful guide that was created for you by Bwire Isaac. Now you know who you can turn to when you go to Uganda and Jinja city, in particular.

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