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October 5, 2023


Once when I was in Tallinn, I had an opportunity to visit Helsinki. Since I spent all the money in Tallinn, I had 50 euros left for three days, and I had to be creative to find a way of how to spend a great time in the capital of European design with such amount of money. Thank God I was smart enough to book the hotel and buy tickets in advance!

In this article, I want to share with you 5 lifehacks about how to have a nice time in Helsinki in a very inexpensive way.

Maybe if I had known about MeetnGreetMe then, I wouldn’t have been so nervous about this situation :)

Well, let’s start!

From Tallinn to Helsinki by Ferry

From Tallinn to Helsinki by ferry

From Tallinn to Helsinki by ferry

The coolest way to get from Tallinn to Helsinki is by ferry. If you buy tickets in advance, as I did, then this is also a fairly budget-friendly option. If you are a student, you can have a discount!

You can spend 3 wonderful hours on the deck, looking at the islands adjacent to Helsinki.

Sibelius Park & Monument

Sibelius Park & Monument

Sibelius Park & Monument

Sibelius Park & Monument is one of the most interesting places of interest in Helsinki and, most importantly, it will not cost you a cent! This monument sculptures in a form of metal organ pipes is built in honor of Finnish composer of Jean Sibelius. It is not too big but still impressive. It is definitely worth a visit if you have a bit of time! And the park that surrounds the monument is very pleasant for a promenade.

Design District

Design District of Helsinki

Design District of Helsinki

Design District of Helsinki is a place every design lover should visit! You can spend much time there, it can easily happen that you get stuck there for hours and hours. It includes more than 100 points of interest, from shops and galleries to design studios, various shops, museums, bars, and cafes with a particular emphasis on Finnish design. The shops are quite expensive, but you can easily find some inspiration there!

Ateneum Art Museum

Ateneum Art Museum

Ateneum Art Museum

The Ateneum is an impressive building both outside and in, housing a fine collection of art, modern and classic. The permanent exhibition includes mainly Finnish art and also a few paintings by European artists. There is a Van Gogh, a Cezanne and a Gaugin in the collection, although they could be easily overlooked. The permanent exhibition takes up one floor of the museum so 1,5 hour would be enough for your visit. A temporary exhibition space is currently showing an Alvar Aalto exhibition of his architectural and design work, highly recommend!

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

This memorable building was constructed for Helsinki as the World Design Capital in 2012, it is a further outstanding example of the Finnish talent for innovative design. It’s a nice place for meditation and relaxation. Entrance is free, so if you are a bit tired of busy streets of Helsinki, this is the right place to take a rest and admire Finnish modern architecture.

To avoid such a penniless situation, plan your trip in advance and do not hesitate to contact our MeetnGreeters in Helsinki.


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9 responses to “Helsinki on a Budget or How to Survive in Helsinki With 50 Euro in a Pocket”

  1. Siim Kuusik says:

    A good read, thanks for sharing it. The Kamppi Chapel of Silence looks really good.

    1. Liz Dejkun Liz Dejkun says:

      Thanks for your feedback! It’s a really nice place to visit, highly recommend!

  2. Lovely post, beautiful! xx

  3. Crisly says:

    We should always plan in advance, not onlu plan a, b, or c but plan ahead.

  4. chelf says:

    how cool that you can do so many interesting things with a tight budget! Ah ,scandinavia you are the best!

  5. GregR says:

    Great post! Would love to see the detailed break-down of where the 50EUR was spent

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