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December 6, 2023

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Did you know that all the members of MeetnGreetMe team are avid travelers? In our company, love for traveling is not the least requirement when choosing a person for a vacant position. And – as long as we help travelers all over the world to ease their journey abroad and make their experience memorable and unique – it is a reasonable criterion.

We travel a lot, both for work and leisure. Since we consider ourselves professionals in this sphere and since we know many insight local information, we decided to put everything into one article and help you to choose the right place to be.

Read our sincere recommendations and enjoy!

Anna Bobekh, Digital Marketing Manager

Paris, France.

I believe this city needs no introduction. It is synonymous with food, culture, art, fashion, and architecture. And with gallant men too.

Paris offers so many places that will never bore me: beautiful banks of the Seine, romantic Montmartre – the place which for decades has been home to starving artists and the area that gives a stunning view of Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg – the largest public park, gothic masterpiece Notre Dame and regal Jardin des Tuileries situated near Louvre. And how pleasant it can be to interrupt the sightseeing and just pop into a nearby café for coffee and crispy freshly-baked croissant!

Despite being the destination for millions of people each year, this city still has plenty hidden spots to offer beyond the Eiffel Tower, famous shopping centers and its excellent museums – it is a place for those who love to discover something new and that is why I will return to this city again and again.

Elena Shkarubo, Co-Founder, and CEO

Austin, Texas. Austin earns the love with great atmosphere, nice music, cowboy cafes and whip-smart locals with entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to the establishment of major cultural events, festivals and companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook that foster the creative community, Austin has become one of the hottest destinations for travelers. Moreover, the weather is warm and the ocean is near – can anybody even request more?

Whenever you go there to pitch your brand new startup or discover music capital of the world, be ready that the vibrant and dynamic rhythm of the city is impossible to resist. Have you ever heard the city’s motto: “Keep Austin weird”?

Andrew Gaidukevich, Co-Founder, and CTO

Prague, Czech Republic. This city is known worldwide as “the city of a hundred spires” and “the city of bridges”. Truly, Prague is a city of architectural wonder and fabulously restored Gothic architecture – stone bridges, cathedrals, parks, gold-tipped towers and church domes can easily make you feel immersed in medieval ages.

Add memorable classical music, roast pork and best beer in the world, and it will be not difficult to see why Prague charmed me and why it will fascinate every traveler who visits it.


Hanna Zhyhar, Business Development Manager

Istanbul, Turkey. My heart belongs to Istanbul – the only city in the world located both in Europe and in Asia and split between these two continents. Perhaps, it was the location that had a big impact on the city’s lifestyle. Nowhere in the world you will find such a unique intertwining of the Eastern and Western cultures and such an unpredictable mixture of old and new.

I have already explicitly described my journey in this article, so just follow the link to find interesting and non-obvious details about the life of the city.

Nick Vyhouski, Co-Founder & Product designer

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s best-preserved cities – it still looks much like it did in the 1600s. However, alongside the historic monuments and old buildings, the city is a modern capital with all the trappings a traveler could want.

While many young people visit Amsterdam for the marijuana scene, the city is teeming with high culture, which I highly enjoy. I adore looking at the works of art at the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum or the Stedelijk Museum. Rembrandt House is my favorite, as well as Dutch National Opera, that I am trying to attend every time I am in Amsterdam.

You should visit the city for a remarkably laid-back atmosphere, best cultural events and cruising around the canals.

Katya Klishchuk, Community Manager

Italy. I know this country insight and out: I have not only visited it numerous times but also lived there while studying the language at the University of Perugia and the University of Milan. That is why I can’t just pick the exact city, all the regions of Italy are different and cater to different kinds of vacations – from skiing to sunbathing. Italy is something to be enjoyed year-round, and whether you are heading to the beach or to the Alpine mountains, to the national parks and lakes or to the crowded cities, there are endless possibilities for every traveler.

I also happen to think Italy is the food capital of the world with its high-quality, seasonal, regional ingredients and the simplicity of the recipes. Italians take their food very seriously. And as a guest in their country, it’s only polite to do the same. Luckily, you don’t have to be willing to spend a fortune to eat well in Italy.

I advise you to come here for dinners that last all night, beautiful countryside, diverse architecture, learning history and wandering the ancient streets.

I have already dedicated many articles to this country, so check out my favorite: about Varese and about Florence.

Lizaveta Dejkun, Customer Happiness Manager

Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a city that you should visit while you’re young. Asking why? Thanks to its abundance of cool art galleries, huge parks, exclusive bars and nightlife venues, there is simply no end of things to do while you are here.

Berlin was revived completely (in both psychological and construction terms) after the Second World War, so now this city is multicultural, open-minded, modern and with a touch of chaos. Nowadays it is a mecca for artists, bohemians and trendsetters – and you can feel this creative atmosphere in every corner of the city.

There are two things you should not miss in Berlin: visiting Berghain (the most famous techno nightclub in the world) and trying cheap street food, kebabs or currywurst.

Every traveler has a beloved place to return to dozens of times. And every traveler has a wish to discover new countries and hidden gems. Whenever you go to the city you visit frequently and want to step off the beaten paths or plan a trip to a distant unknown country – be sure, that we will do our best to make your experience unforgettable!

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