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April 27, 2024

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We frequently receive questions about how to navigate in such a huge and crowded city as Moscow – with all this abundance of restaurants, sights, and streets that are struggling to get the tourist’s attention it might be difficult to find the real gems that can bring truly unforgettable memories.

Today, we are going to help you with your gastronomic experience: it is easy to understand that when TripAdvisor suggests more than 14500 options where to eat and every ‘10 best places to eat’ article claims to know more than anyone else – tourists (and, what to hide, even Muscovites) get lost very soon.

We offer you to take a look not at the plenty of places in a row (and in the end stay at the hotel or at home), but at the single win-win option – Osteria della Piazza Bianca restaurant.

You might ask us a fair question: “Why should I choose exactly this place and not another one?” – so let us explain its peculiarities.

Osteria Bianca is located in the most multicultural place of the capital – on the so-called “White Square” (locals say it is an extremely inspiring spot where two huge contemporary style buildings share a square with a small orthodox church). A pedestrian street with fountains and musical accompaniment remains popular and beloved by many Muscovites and tourists.

Two talented chefs reign in the kitchen of this stylish osteria: brand-chef Vincenzo Dilillo is responsible for the authenticity of the classic Italian dishes, and Chief Marco Alarcon is responsible for pizza and pasta. Charming Vincenzo personally communicates with the guests every day, and energetic Marco effectively prepares dishes in the open kitchen. On weekends, Italian chefs hold master classes: Vincenzo teaches adults, Marco prepares dishes with children.

The menu is filled with all types of classic and author’s pastas, pizzas, and risotto. Unconditional hit is a Roman pinza by Marco with burrata and bresaola. It is prepared with three varieties of flour: the basis contains classic soy and rice, and then the flour manitoba (which is made from special wheat grown in Canada) is added. Marco kneads the dough with a lot of water, and that turns a flat cake into an airy and light one.

Roman pinza with burrata and bresaola

The restaurant has a rich wine list, and each guest can make their own decision when choosing a drink, as types of wine are directly tied to the main dishes. In the menu, you can find the wines of the Old World (Spatburgunder Shelter, Negroamaro Salento Due Palme, Barbera d’Asti San Nicolao) and New World (Estate Collection Reserva Carménère, Alta Vista Premium Torrontés). Fans of Pinot Noirs and admirers of dense Bordeaux and fruit Sauvignon will easily find themselves a drink to taste.

Recently Osteria Bianca has fundamentally updated the cocktail card and made it truly exclusive, as it was developed specifically for this place. All mixes continue the concept of the restaurant – they ideally complement the dishes from the main menu and can act as an aperitif. The names of the drinks bring guests to the streets of Italy and are associated with local writers, actors or artists. You can start the evening with a light shot “Ciao”. The non-ordinary combination of Limoncello and espresso wakes up thanks to the dissonance of hot and cold. А cocktail “From the Lombardy region” can perform a function of a dessert – due to its serving, it resembles a popular Austrian strudel, which is additionally decorated with a French rose and air foam of a mascarpone.

Interior of Osteria Bianca was created under the impression of the Italian boat Riva. Everything in the restaurant is an exact copy of this boat. The main hall is assembled as the bow, with an observance of all the design features of this small ship. Interior furniture was collected at different European auctions and antique markets across all Europe. Each chair in the osteria is more than 60 years old, and they previously stood in the best restaurants across the globe. Even the lamps and the hostess stand belonged to a restaurant in Paris in the 30s, and now they have found their place here!

Since April, the restaurant has started to work round the clock. For this purpose, the night menu was specially created with both classic Italian positions and more modern variations of dishes. Guests can come to osteria to have breakfast from 7am to 12 noon, and business lunch – from 12 noon to 4 pm, while in the evenings it serves romantic dinners with oysters and champagne. On Wednesdays and Fridays, there is live jazz music.

Are you already excited to pop there?

Wait a minute – as a gift, the restaurant provides you (despite the fact whether you are a MeetnGreeter or a Guest) with an iconic dessert – Creme brulee.

All you need to do is to say a code word “MeetnGreetMe” to the waiter and enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful place. We bet you feel like in Italy and discover new delicious dishes and beverages.

You are welcome! Have a nice time during your stay in Moscow.:)

Address: Moscow, Butyrsky Val, 10, “White square” business center.
Opening hours: around the clock.

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