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August 15, 2023

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You may think that Yerevan is a city, that can seldom become a purposeful travel destination – people usually go there on a business trip or use it as a transit country when going from Europe to Asia or vice versa. You can’t even imagine how wrong these people are! As Armenia straddles Europe and Asia, East and West, so does Armenian culture – and this point makes the country a unique and quite popular tourist destination.

To convince you, Yerevan local Robert and MeetnGreetMe concierge platform have written this article. Robert is a local concierge from Yerevan, the expert of Armenia who is bringing to you interesting information about this amazing place of interest. He claims that the capital of the small mountainous country collected all the best: rich history – this year the city has celebrated its 2799th birthday, modern art, cheerful and smiling locals, ancient monasteries, delicious food, long promenades and love for opera and theater performances.

Robert shares his expertise, advice, and tips on what to do, where to go and what to eat in Yerevan, so check out his advice and make sure you follow it. Let’s go!

One stereotype about Armenia that is false

It is true that Armenians are very centered on their cultural values. Some people claim that Armenians far too often say that every nation came from Armenia. Obviously, this is not true and we do respect other cultures.

What travelers need to know before going to Armenia

– The currency in Armenia is AMD (Armenian Dram) 1 USD = 478 AMD. Local shops and restaurants accept only AMD and you mostly can pay with a card, but it is always better to have some cash as well.

– Unfortunately, Armenians are not so good at speaking English. Nevertheless, we are very hospitable and open. People will always understand the “universal sign language” though it is important to have a local guide with you.

– There is WIFI in almost every restaurant, cafe, hotel and in the city center.

– Hospitals in Armenia always accept foreign citizens; the insurance will definitely work here.

– A taxi ride in Yerevan from one point of the city to another takes about 30 - 40 minutes. The city center is constructed very conveniently - people can stroll along the streets and visit one of the numerous cafes on your way to take a rest.

– Smoking is forbidden in the majority of public places.

Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in Yerevan

One day in Yerevan

I advise you stay at a hotel in the city center and have breakfast in a nearby cafe or right in the hotel’s restaurant.

After breakfast, the tour around the city begins. First, we head for the Republic square and on the way enjoy an ice-cream. In the Republic square, we visit the National Gallery of Armenia with famous works of Martyrs Saryan, Hovhannes, Ayvazovsky and many others.

Address: 1 Arami street (entrance from Republic Square);
Opening hours: Tue – Sat 11 a.m. – 5.40 p.m.
Sun 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mon – closed
Tickets: prices start from 600 AMD (1.5$) – temporary exhibition ticket &
1500 AMD (3$) – permanent exhibition ticket
(concessions – free or 300 AMD for pupils, students, pensioners).

After a couple of hours in the gallery we will walk down the Abovyan street to the Moscow cinema, then turn to the left to the Tumanyan street where we shall admire the great Opera building and maybe get tickets for world class opera performances such as Traviata, Carmen, Anush, Spartak ballet, Aida, and others.

Address: 54 Tumanyan Str.
Price range: 1000-8000 AMD (2-16 $).

After the Opera house, we go to a restaurant to try the most famous Armenian dishes; khorovats is barbecue from pork, lamb, chicken or beef and flavored with onions and other Armenian spices. Tomatoes, eggplant (aubergine) and bell peppers are also part of the khorovats meal served with Armenian wine or fruit vodka. After dinner guests can go back to the hotel to take a couple of hours rest.

In a few hours, we meet and go to a Yerevan monument called Cascade and then either go to the opera if the tickets were bought, or stroll to the Victory square. With that, the day can be concluded and the guests are free to go to their hotel or suggest other activities.

Nightlife in Yerevan is quite vivid - choose between our pub street or just walk around the night Yerevan, when the city is even more beautiful. The day can be arranged in many other different ways. There is so much to see that even one week is not enough, especially when the guests want to go out of the city.

Museum of Art and History

Armenian national cuisine

Food is one of the most famous things about Armenia. I personally recommend trying everything as Armenian cuisine is one of the most democratic cuisines ever. Tolma, Xorovats, Brduch, Spanax, Gata, Ishxan and Karmraxayt.

Armenian people

Armenians are very hospitable and are always happy to accommodate foreigners to their own homes. Families spend much time together and they do have fun. Armenians always like to go to the city for a long walk or sit in a restaurant or cafe for a tea or coffee and may be even a shisha.

An average budget for a day in Armenia

If you want to have a fun time, it is important to have about 20.000 - 30.000 AMD – it equals about 50 – 60 USD.

Fountain in Yerevan

Handmade souvenirs to take home

Calls, flags, shirts, alphabet carpets, wooden checkers, wine and dry fruits will be a good idea!

Have we already inspired you to choose this country as your next travel destination and explore historical, cultural and gastronomy parts of Armenia?

If yes, now you know who you can turn to when you found yourself in Armenia – our MeetnGreeter Robert will plan your trip insight and out and guide you either across beautiful Yerevan or beyond the busy city, as Armenian geography and nature almost never fail to surprise foreign visitors. Mountain passes, valleys and canyons, lakes… make sure you also include a country tour, hiking and swimming in your trip plan.

In either case, your trip to Armenia will leave behind unforgettable memories, beautiful pictures, and several friends among locals!

If you want us to take care of your trip: book tickets, find a suitable place to stay, meet you upon arrival, guide and accompany you – feel free to contact us!

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