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December 23, 2023

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We at MeetnGreetMe are delighted to greet more travel bloggers and publish their travel tips. Now we are delighted to introduce you to Anastasia, an experienced and multilingual travel blogger. Today she will bring to you the best of Christmas markets in Germany and in Dresden, in particular.


I have already been in Dresden four times and am not going to stop visiting it. “It’s boring” someone can say, but I completely disagree with that. Every time I open something new and Dresden still has a lot of captivating things to show. It depends, of course, on the purpose of your visit, but the Old city is the most beautiful and atmospheric part of Dresden. Here great historic buildings, museums, galleries are located. Walking around these small roads is always pleasant!

Most tourists come to visit Dresden in summer and I understand why.

The thing is that I prefer non touristic places for vacations. Dresden in winter as in any other season is not the right place for relaxation. Crowds of people, hustle and bustle. But, fortunately, it was hot red wine (Glühwein) and a lot of tasty food which made me feel better.

Christmas markets in Dresden

There are more than 11 Christmas markets in different areas of Dresden, but most of them are located in the Old city. I spent the whole day visiting all of them. But I have to notice that you have to be patient and try enjoying this atmosphere. For me it was a little bit difficult after the second market.

The top markets in Dresden:

  • Dresdner Winterlichter - Prager Straße
  • Weihnachtsmärkte an der Frauenkirche - Neumarkt
  • Stallhöfisches Adventsspektakel Stallhof - Schlossstraße/Schlossplatz
  • Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt am Schloss - Taschenberg
  • Dresdner Hüttenzauber - Postplatz
  • Augustusmarkt - Hauptstraße
  • Elbhangfest-Weihnachtsmarkt Körnerplatz Nikolausmarkt - Görlitzer Straße 21-25/Alaunstraße 70

And now my…

Top 5 to do in at Christmas Markets

1. Savour Bratwurst

Bratwurst is everywhere! Mmmm that smells tasty! Everywhere at the market you’ll find many booths selling the famous sausages. Enjoy it! The price is 2.50-4 euro.

2. Enjoy gingerbread

The famous cookies have been baked for more than 600 years in Dresden. At Christmas market you’ll get them in every size and in different taste, such as chocolate, sugar or strawberry. They are also perfect souvenirs for your dear friends and family.

3. Visit the Striezelmarkt

One of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany, the Striezelmarkt in Dresden dates back to 1434. Its name is derived from the Mittelhochdeutsche Struzel or Striezel, the Dresden Stollen. The Stollen plays a central role on the Christmas market. On Saturday before the Second Advent (in Germany they have 4 Advents and then Christmas Eve), the Dresden Stollenfest has been celebrated for nearly twenty years. A giant tunnel is baked and cut into a Christmas ceremony.

4. Browse for beautiful Christmas tree decorations

Traditional hand-made products are an essential part of the goods sold at the Christmas market, for example, Christmas tree decorations made from wood or glass. But there is one little problem - YOU WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING! Control yourself.

5. Let glühwein warm you up

When it’s cold outside, a glühwein will warm you again after your stroll around the Christmas market. And even if it’s not cold – just try and feel this warmth and joy around you. Usually the price for glühwein ranges from 2.5-4.5 euro, but you will have to pay extra 2 euros for a cup. You can return it after and get your money back or take the cup with you. It’ll be the perfect souvenir for your kitchen cupboard at home.

6. One more tip at the end – don’t even try to do shopping

It’s better to do it early in the morning – just right after the opening. Yes, I know that there are a lot of sales, but crowds and shopping lines will kill and exhaust you! It’s better to enjoy the market and try to remember every moment.

Travel and enjoy your life! And remember - we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

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