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March 14, 2024

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Together with our local travel experts we at MeetnGreetMe continue exploring Asia and its most popular destinations, such as China, India and Thailand. Today we are moving with you to Singapore. Priya will share her expertise, advice and tips on how to visit Singapore on budget, what things to avoid, where to stay, where to eat and best things to do in the most expensive Asian city. Check out her advice and make sure you follow it.

“Singapore and budget travelling may not be something that is used in the same breath. For many western travelers who are accustomed to the idea of low-cost vacations in India, Singapore may seem like an oddity with its expensive 5-star hotels and pricey restaurants. However, experienced travelers will tell you that you can make the most of your Singapore trip without burning a hole in your pocket. From affordable Singapore visa online services to finding low-cost accommodation, you can save money while enjoying Singapore holidays to the fullest. There are quite a number of tourist attractions and accommodation options in Singapore for the budget traveler. Follow these tips to ensure a pocket-friendly, entertaining time in Singapore.

Buy EZ-Link Card

To get around cheaply in Singapore, the best option is to buy an EZ-Link Card. It works on almost all the Singapore’s public transport system, including the ubiquitous MRT. The card comes with a SGD 10 value when you buy it and you can top it up as and when required.

All budget travelers to Singapore heavily rely on the island state’s reliable and efficient transport system to get around the city. Card holders are charged on the basis of distance travelled rather than the trip, giving users the value for money.

Staying in the Vicinity of Chinatown and Little India

Downtown Singapore is a concrete jungle of futuristic buildings whose skyline rivals the best cities in the world. Accommodation cost is usually very high all throughout the year in most parts of the island state. However, you may be able to get a good offer if you choose a place near Chinatown and Little India.

Getting a hotel in the vicinity of Chinatown and Little India will not only help you connect easily to the rest of the city, it will also give you an opportunity to experience the unique experience of this amazing suburb. A multicultural hub, Chinatown and Little India have ample number of Hindu temples, mosques, and shopping experience. You can get amazing bargains on clothes and souvenir, so if you are planning to take something for your loved ones, we recommend you shop at Chinatown and Little India.

Eat at Hawker Centers

There are two reasons why you should eat at hawker centers – one, they offer high-quality food at cheap rates; second, even if you are not on a budget, experiencing the Singaporean hawker centre cuisines is an integral part of the overall Singapore experience.

There are a number of institutionalized hawker centers in Singapore which offer great meals in SGD 5. Quality and hygiene is a big concern for travelers to South East Asia, but you will be delighted to hear that the low price in no way means low quality. In fact, you can compare the quality to hawker food centers in the west.

In addition to helping you save money, many hawker centers are known for offering the authentic Singapore cuisines that you may not find at posh hotels and restaurants. And, the sharing seating arrangement means you will be able to strike a conversation with locals – a great thing to do if you are looking for money saving tips.

Choose Esplanade Roof Terrace over Sands SkyPark

A panoramic view of a city doesn’t get any better than Sands SkyPark Observation Deck. However, with admissions costs as high as SGD 23, you need to find a pocket-friendly alternative. Among the various high-rise buildings, few come close to the view from the Esplanade Roof Terrace.

Admission is free and not only do you get the opportunity to explore Singapore’s skyline, you may be also be in for a bonus if any exhibitions or concerts are underway.

Don’t Feed Pigeons!

While we explore tips and tricks to save money, it’s important you don’t blow it all away by paying a hefty fine. Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities in Asia, and some part of credit goes to the slew of fines imposed on not following the rules. The money you save through EZ-Link card and riding the MRT can easily be a joke if you are caught chewing gum on the MRT. Not only gum, you may also be fined for munching on snacks while travelling through the MRT.

Other rules you need to lookout for including feeding pigeons in the public park and not using marked crosswalks. Fine collection kiosks are ubiquitous all over Singapore, and that should serve as a reminder to every time you are overtaken by your impulses.

Spend Time in Parks

Singapore has a number of interconnecting parks and admission to most of them is absolutely free. For budget-travelers, this could mean spending a day out without worrying about the costs. Another good thing about the parks is that they are interconnected – so, you don’t have to use your MRT pass again and again. Just ensure you are wearing comfortable shoes as you will be covering some distance on the foot.

While spending a day out visiting the parks, you can save money on bottled water, which costs anywhere from SGD 2 to SGD 3. Drinking tap water remains a concern for most tourists to Southeast Asia, but you can rest assured of the safety and hygiene factor in Singapore.

These were some budget travel tips to Singapore. We hope the information is beneficial to you; in case you know of some ingenious money-saving tips in Singapore, share with us in the comments below.

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