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November 5, 2023

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Amongst other dramatic changes to the way we leave our lives, the experience of culture may seem of insignificance. As families are split up by rules on gatherings and unemployment rises, it’s easy to forget about the pre-COVID times where we gaily strolled museums and art galleries for our dose of culture.

But in times of global crisis, culture is more important than ever. The experience of art and history in museums gives us context to understand our own circumstances, as well as an opportunity for an escape. As more museums and galleries introduce virtual tours, in some ways we have greater access than ever before to these vast collections. If pandemic has brought us one thing, it’s the opportunity to visit museums from London to Bangkok from the virus-secure confines of our own living room. These are the best virtual museum and gallery experiences available to you.

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels

MOCA Bangkok

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok, Thailand has teamed up with Google to offer unprecedented virtual access to its collection. By utilizing the latest technology the tech giant has to offer, their exhibition by Thai painter Somphong Adulyasaraphan has been fully digitized. Step into a bright and beautiful world that will have you leaving the pandemic behind.

The Broad, Los Angeles

The Broad has long been at the forefront of contemporary art and its excursions into the digital realm and the global pandemic has provided a new opportunity for curators to explore the boundaries of art. Their latest offering is an immersive extension of Yayoi Kusama visually stunning exhibition Infinite Mirrors. Infinite Drone takes Kusama’s visual piece and extends it into the audio realm.

Tate Modern, London

“The Tate Modern has been closed to visitors since early 2020 but it’s extraordinary collection of modern art remains accessible through a digitization project that brings thousands of pieces online,” says Irene Zinke, a travel expert at College Paper and State Of Writing. “The Tate houses a world-class collection of contemporary painting that can now be explored, in all its glory, from the comfort of the sofa.”

MoMA New York

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has launched its Virtual Views for a pandemic-era audience, intent on bringing the finest modern art to a wide audience through the power of technology. By hosting live events, MoMA is bringing vibrancy and anticipation back to the world of contemporary art even in a socially-distanced era. Don’t miss Martine Syms ‘conceptual entrepreneurship’ coming up.

Gabriel & Guillaume, New York

Whilst digitized art is an accessible practice, the simple act of viewing art through our screens can become stale. Gabriel & Guillaume have reimagined the virtual exhibition, however, and their interactive virtual tour of a New York penthouse offers a creative combination of art, architecture, history and technology to provide a vibrant exhibition for our age.

Museo Frida Kahlo, Mexico City

Dedicated to the groundbreaking surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, the museum explores her life’s work in intimate detail. “Through an equally meticulous digitization project, every square inch of the museum has been brought to the virtual world and can now be explored in detail,” says Monica Schrader, writer at Dissertation Writing and EssayRoo. “It’s a sumptuous experience that will bring you to the heart of Mexico City from your own home. Who needs travel?”

National Museum, New Delhi

For an exploration of the Indian subcontinent’s rich artistic history the National Museum in New Delhi offers a wealth of digitized material. Spanning hundreds of years, the scope of this collection is magnificent and gives the viewer a stunning look into everything from calligraphy to sculpture in India’s rich cultural history.

The British Museum, London

London’s most British museum has been closed to the public for the majority of 2020 but with the launch of their Museum of the World project they’ve brought a number of their immersive historical exhibitions to a wider, global audience. Travel back through time through this fantastic collection.

Wrapping Up

We’re living in a world of increased uncertainty and physical restriction - the impact on anxiety and well-being can be profound in these times. A dose of art can provide you with an escape from the world around us. Take advantage of these virtual tours to travel the world without stepping outside your front door.

Katherine Rundell is an art writer at Coursework Service and Dissertation Writers. She has developed a practice exploring the intersection of contemporary art with technology and is fascinated by the utopic potential of virtual worlds. Also, she is a proofreader at Research paper for sale service.

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