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July 14, 2023


Last year I went to unforgettable Barcelona, the city I was dreaming of visiting for many years. That trip excited and impressed me, gave lots of experiences and memorable moments that I captured in photos. Here are the attractions that impressed me most and that will stay in my memory for many years.

1. If your aim is to see this city from above, do not simply go to Montjuïc – Barcelona has something better to offer you! Head for Tibidabo for the highest point near the city and a spectacular view. Beautiful neo-gothic Basilica and Tibidabo Amusement Park (among the oldest in the world) go as a wonderful addition.

2. El Raval is an authentic and almost unexplored tourist district situated close to the center. If you want to pop into MACBA (the Museum of Modern Art) or enjoy cheap street food – do not hesitate and visit it during your stay!

El Raval district in Barcelona

3. If you visit Barcelona in August (15th to 21st) – do not miss a huge colorful festival for neighbors and residents of Gracia district, which is called La Festa Major de Gracia. During this time all nearest streets are decorated, music is being played, food is cooked on the streets and different events are held, attracting over one and a half million visitors per year.

La Festa Major de Gracia

4. La Casa Museu Gaudí is an essential spot for those interested in this famous Spanish architect. You may have visited La Pedrera or Sagrada Familia (find out more about these sights in our previous article about Barcelona), but thanks to this place you will discover his another mastery – intricate modern furniture.

La Casa Museu Gaudi

Have you heard that Barcelona locals can help you during your trip to Spain? Yes! Just contact locals and get real insights.

5. Barceloneta beach is a major tourist attraction, especially in summer. It is suitable for evening promenade on a pedestrian walkway, Rambla de Mar. Aquarium of Barcelona is also located here – kids will love to spend several hours learning about sea inhabitants and walk through transparent 80-metre underwater glass tunnel (the longest in the world) with sharks and dozens of fish swimming around.

Barceloneta beach

6. On the way from Park Guell to the downtown do not forget to discover Garcia district. Best restaurants are located here, but mind that menu in English is hardly found and waiters rarely speak English. It might be a little challenging, but still worth it. :)

Garcia district

7. Traditional paella pan distinguishes greatly from other national dishes: rice with vegetables, spices and meat, topped with tomato sauce. Paella with fresh seafood (a clear advantage of the coastal town) is the most popular national dish among locals.

The most delicious paella

8. One useful tip about Plaza de Espana – free Magic Fountain music and light performance. Working hours vary, depending on the season and day of week – so check it in advance.

Plaza de Espana

9. Barcelona Cathedral is usually crowded and popular with tourists, but step inside and discover silent mythical interior with high ceilings and gothic elements – the entrance is free.

Barcelona Cathedral

10. If you are a fan of the FC Barcelona team and do not miss a single match, you will definitely want to attend a game in their home stadium – Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona stadium Camp Nou

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I will share with you experiences from my other trips on MeetnGreetMe blog. Comment below and tell me what impressed YOU most in Barcelona.

Enjoy your Barcelona!


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