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October 29, 2023

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Delicious food with a great variety of flavors, hot and humid weather, extremely polite and friendly locals, postcard-perfect tropical islands surrounded by azure waters, picturesque dense jungles with waterfalls, and…much more! Seems like an ideal getaway?

Last time we observed the wonders of Phoenix city - beautiful Warsaw. Today we move to the South. It’s all about Thailand.

MeetnGreetMe is delighted to welcome you in Pattaya in Thailand, the Land of the Free. Our wonderful MeetnGreeter Svetlana will share her views and ideas about this magnificent destination.

“Pattaya is the city of contrast and diversity. Perhaps, there is no other place in Europe and Asia where you can find so many places ‘for adults’ and children playgrounds at the same time. Within 5-30 km from the city centre a traveller can enjoy visiting the zoo and numerous lush parks, feeding fish near glorious pagodas, gazing at beautiful lillies, trying fresh juice at vineyards, and shopping as well.

Pattaya decided to clean up its karma

Pattaya decided to ‘clean up its karma’ and now it’s transforming itself from a centre of sex tourism into a family getaway. In fact, this attracts even more tourists”.

What makes Thailand #1

Thailand is home to the world’s largest gold Buddha, the largest crocodile farm, and the largest restaurant. And this is not all. Pattaya itself is considered to be #1 world destination for golf lovers offering over 20 golf courses to travellers. Are you a big fan of golf? You should definitely come here to check out the local golf courses. In fact, many major golf tournaments took place here!

“Locals are not particularly fond of tourist attractions in Pattaya. You will rarely meet them in Nong Nooch and Mini Siam because they value quiet time with their relatives and friends. The Thai people are very hard-working, but when it comes to rest, they prefer to spend their time with their families.

Don’t be surprised if you might be invited to their table upon passing by with a curious look on your face

At the weekend you can see many tables, chairs, and hammocks on the Jomtien beach. The Thai people usually bring everything by car, cook seafood and meat, and chill out with their families. Don’t be surprised if you might be invited to their table upon passing by with a curious look on your face”.

Standing out from the rest

“Pattaya itself is a romantic destination. Take a blanket, snacks and go to beach to see the sunrise together, listening to the gentle sound of the sea. As for me, the most romantic activity is riding a bike along the sea shore at night. On the one side you see the luring Gulf of Siam, and on the other side there is a multitude of cafes with live music and international cuisine”.

What really makes the Thai people stand out from the rest of the world is their friendliness and politeness. They will always say Hi to you and ask about your day. In fact, Thailand welcomes over 23 mln international tourists every year. As for Pattaya itself, it ranks 23rd in the list of Top City Destinations.

© Svetlana Shavshina

Local wisdom

Traditionally, we ask our MeetnGreeters to share a local wisdom with us:

“Mai Pen Rai! This is the best phrase I’ve learnt from the Thai people. It means “everything’s fine, no problem, don’t worry. You stepped on someone’s foot - “Man pen rai”, you seem to be having the worst week in your life - smile, “Man pen rai”. Whatever happens to you, you should always know that there is a way out!”

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Thanks for great photos are to the amazing Svetlana Shavshina.

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