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Case study:

Welcoming Business Partners

Company name: MeetnGreetMe

Location: Minsk, Belarus

Industry: Lifestyle Management & Personal Concierge Services

We’d like to share a case study with you about how we MeetnGreeted partners of an entrepreneur during a weekend trip to Minsk, Belarus.


Nick has lived in Belarus for his entire life and obviously knows his native town Minsk from A to Z. However, when his overseas colleagues and business partners visited him for a couple of days he decided to outsource planning and arranging of all activities to a local assistant – MeetnGreeter.


A local MeetnGreeter from Minsk was to help Nick welcome his foreign partners and make sure that they enjoyed their time and experience in Minsk. The MeetnGreeter provided them with planning services such as:

  • Arranging a transfer from the airport,
  • Organizing a city tour,
  • Planning the trip,
  • Advising on activities and attractions,
  • Providing information on the best local cafes and bars.


A MeetnGreeter prepared a list of cafes that serves local and other cuisines, suggested the most popular places to visit from locals, as well as venues and nightlife spots. The MeetnGreeter also made an online map with every spot so that they could navigate to them with ease. The local assistant arranged a transfer and a city tour for them, as well.


When the group landed, a personal driver was waiting for them at the arrival gate to drive them to the accommodation in a comfortable car. The next day, an English speaking guide shared the most interesting facts about the city’s history, showed main attractions and authentic less known places of interest in a friendly and informal manner.

With a map and a list of activities and places, they managed to do and see as much as possible to experience all of the best Minsk has to offer.


The group had a good time in Minsk, enjoying historic and modern parts of the city, best cafes and activities. Since planning and arranging of the trip was outsourced, they didn’t have to spend time on that and could just relax and enjoy the trip.

Let’s make every trip a success and unique experience!

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