Case study:

MeetnGreeting at Business Internet Conference

Company name: MeetnGreetMe

Location: Minsk, Belarus

Industry: Lifestyle Management & Personal Concierge Services

We’d like to share a case study with you about how we MeetnGreeted international speakers at Business Internet Conference in November 2015.


Every year TUT.BY organizes international business internet conferences inviting speakers not only from Belarus and CIS countries but also from all over the world. In November 2015 more than 25 speakers representing different industries came to Minsk, Belarus to take part in the conference.


We were commissioned to take care of international speakers during their stay in Minsk, Belarus and assist them with different matters, such as

  • 24/7 support,
  • booking restaurants and clubs,
  • showing them around the city,
  • interpreting and translation,
  • making telephone calls,
  • and much more.


The main challenge was in providing trusted and verified MeetnGreeters upon request within a very short period of time.


We have a large base of local MeetnGreeters in Minsk, Belarus, so we managed to find great personal concierges on time. They were knowledgeable and ready to lend the speakers a hand with any matters.


During the conference our MeetnGreeters were always there for the speakers when they needed any help. After the conference they took them on a private tour around the city, arranged visits restaurants and karaoke bars, made telephone calls for them to get a taxi and delivered other services upon request. MeetnGreeters also took them to private meetings and workshops and assisted with translation and interpreting. It was a great experience not only for international guests who received personal concierge services but also for MeetnGreeters who managed to facilitate dialogue between them and local businesses.


The speakers were glad to enjoy personal approach to their needs and receive assistance whenever they needed it. Having a local nearby helped them feel safe and welcome during their visit as well as spend time for things that really mattered to them.

Coming to Minsk individually or with a group? Hire MeetnGreetMe to make your travel to Minsk enjoyable and hassle free.

Let’s make every trip a success and unique experience!

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