Case study:

Meeting Top Oman Business delegation in Minsk

Company name: MeetnGreetMe

Location: Minsk, Belarus

Industry: Lifestyle Management & Personal Concierge Services


The Sultanate of Oman is one of the most stable, developed and prosperous countries in the Middle East. The country is noted for its luxurious hotels, magnificent beaches, absence of income tax, the largest export volumes of cars in the region, substantial oil production, extremely low rate of crime and much more. In October 2016 forty top Omani business people representing a wide range of industries decided to go to Russia and Belarus to explore the region and look for business prospects. It was their first visit to Minsk, Belarus, so they felt the need for personal assistance and concierge services and contacted MeetnGreetMe.


The main challenge was in the need to bridge intercultural differences between Belarus and Oman and provide the delegates with MeetnGreeters who would not only be certified translators but also knowledgeable about the best spots to cater to all needs.


We were commissioned to provide personal assistance and concierge services to Omani delegates both at official meetings and during their free time, such as assist with shopping, arrange tours around the city, book restaurants, make telephone calls, take them to the best cafes in the city, translate and interpret at business meetings, and just provide any support 24/7.


It was Omani delegates’ first visit to Belarus so they were really interested to understand the culture and travel around the city, at the same time they were very pressed for time. We allocated five MeetnGreeters to assist the delegates with all the matters.
On the days when there were no official meetings and conferences, MeetnGreeters took them out to the best restaurants and cafes, shopping malls and museums, arranged private tours around the city, rode segways, and much more. Not many people speak English in Belarus, therefore MeetnGreeters also assisted in making telephone calls, booking taxis, and arranging meetings with potential business partners.
At the official conference followed by B2B session Omani delegates needed help with interpreting and translation, understanding intercultural differences and learning more about the mode of conduct in business setting. MeetnGreeters were always there to lend a hand with any matters.


The delegates felt welcome and experienced peace of mind during their visit to Belarus. The foundation for cooperation between Omani and Belarusian business people was laid and many delegates promised to come back to Belarus with their families to learn more about the country as well as set up businesses in cooperation with Belarusian partners.

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