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August 19, 2023

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The coronavirus pandemic is one hit that has disrupted people’s lifestyles and devastated economies. Travel is one of the most affected industries since the onset of the virus. Apart from the losses incurred in the flight companies and tourism sectors in various countries, businesses have also halted because people cannot travel and meet.

Holidays have turned to staycations, and, for those who have retained their jobs through the pandemic, they have to work from home. Everybody has to learn new ways to survive this new type of “norm” and stay safe. However, we are not going to continue with all the restrictions in place. As economies reopen, people need to travel and do stuff to sustain themselves.

Whether you plan to travel for business or to ease your mind on a vacation, your safety is paramount. You must do everything possible to prevent infection so that you can enjoy the benefits of traveling.

These five tips will help you to stay safe while traveling during this coronavirus pandemic season.

1. Follow the Local Travel Regulations

Various countries have set up processes to help and curb the spread of the coronavirus while allowing travelers in and about their territories. Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, you will find regulations that will guide you on the steps to follow for your safety and that of other residents or visitors.

While some regions have set up special methods of handling visitors during the pandemic, in some places, you will be required to enter an isolation period and monitor yourself for any signs related to COVID-19 before you can mingle with other people in public. It is essential to stick to all requirements to make your visit stress-free and safe for everyone.

2. Remember to Follow the WHO and CDC Guidelines

Keep social distancing and wear a mask.

The reopening of economies and the lifting of travel bans does not mean that the coronavirus has stopped. The disease is still here, and there is no cure yet. The best way to stay safe is only ensuring that you do not get infected. You can travel to various places, but your discipline matters most regarding preventing the spread of this dreaded virus.

Most of the guidelines are very easy to follow, but people choose to ignore them. As you travel, maintain the same social distancing rule everywhere, and if you must be in a crowded place, wear a face mask. Practice hand washing or sanitizing hygiene, reduce the frequency of coming into contact with things that everyone touches. You can wear disposable gloves while outdoors if you think it will be hard to wash your hands so often.

3. Carry Sufficient Personal Supplies

Most things we need while traveling are available in public malls. The problem becomes the population thronging the place trying to buy some items before they run out or to beat the time limits. When malls are full, you will be forced to queue up and end up spending a lot of time in one place. It is a dangerous situation that can lead to a spike in infections.

To stay on the safe side, you might want to shop online and get your items delivered to your hostel. But if you are going to the mall, try and locate one that implements social distancing rules. Even if you have to wait for long, it would be worth it rather than risk. Buy enough stuff to last you for several weeks and have a car with a roof rack basket ready to ferry the goods and avoid repeated trips.

4. Minimize Your Stops on the Way

In case you are traveling by air, you might be safer than you thought. According to the CDC, the transmission of viruses and germs in planes is minimal. Apart from the terminals where you have to undergo various screening and clearance of your flight, you have little to worry about contamination and transmission. You would also not bother about your stops because planes can only land in airports.

While traveling by road, however, the case is different. Driving with people of the same household means there is little to no chance of getting infected with it. However, you will meet many people on the way, especially at various terminals where you have to stop. To reduce the risks of infection, you would want to make only necessary stops on the way - like refueling your car or taking a snack (which you would better off carry along).

5.Choose Your Destination & Activities Wisely

Various activities bring people together. During this pandemic period, however, people should avoid making crowds as much as possible. Some places of interest might turn out to be uninteresting due to the current situation. You would not want to risk your safety while traveling. If the travel regulations are not in place, you might want to avoid such destinations.

As for activities, it would be wise to choose a new hobby. If the beaches are crowded, you might want to avoid paddling and try hiking. Moving through the parks and forests is better for your health. It would also be an opportunity to rediscover yourself as you embrace new hobbies.

Travel is an essential part of our lifestyle, and it is a building block of tourism - the backbone of many economies. Regardless of the current situation, it is still advisable to travel, as long as you can follow all the guidelines and tips to keep yourself safe and protect your loved ones and those around you. Protect yourself and go out, explore, build businesses, and restore the economy.

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