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December 26, 2023


The act of giving gifts is a common practice that serves as a means through which you can express your feelings, show gratitude, make up for lost time, appreciate an important individual and pass a genuine message across. Gift-giving, when done properly, can help strengthen partnerships, improve relationships and foster bonding. You can never go wrong giving gifts at any point in time during the year, especially during the holidays which is significant to many individuals as a special period of love and care.

The type of gifts you may decide to choose can actually make or break your efforts, thereby making it crucial for you to choose the right gift that is sure to pass your message across by portraying your intentions as pure and genuine. Therefore, getting an item that is representative of the people, culture, and tradition of your resident country as a gift to a friend, loved one or business associate in another country, is a smart way to make the recipient feel like they are a part of your entire journey and not in any way left out of the whole experience, especially when you are far away on a business trip or some other engagement abroad.

Here are 15 long-distance gift ideas through which you can show your innermost feelings to a loved one, business associate or friend.

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Gifting postcards never gets out of style! To make it all the more special and memorable, the postcards should have pictures of iconic sites and historic landmarks that display the city’s rich cultural heritage and way of life. You can always write special messages and some nice words on the postcard to make it more unique and heartfelt.


Every now and then we all appreciate the opportunity of having to eat a meal that we are not very familiar with, especially if it is a National or local favorite in a foreign country. That is why gifting food and it’s related items like condiments, fruits, beverages or even baked goods that are a specialty and forms part of a national cuisine or exotic meal, makes your gift more appealing to the recipient.

Gift Cards

This is one gift that is most definitely going to be appreciated and valued because you are practically paying for the commodities or any other services your loved one or recipient will purchase using the gift voucher that has been credited with a fixed amount of funds by you for their use.


Locally woven materials or garments made by local experts that is popularly worn by the indigenous people such as the sari worn in India, kimono from Japan, kilts worn in Scotland, the ten-gallon Stetson which is a popular cowboy symbol in the Texas United States, Maasai beadwork from Kenya, etc makes for an excellent gift. You can always have it tailor-made for your recipient using their favorite color and a distinct design pattern making it all the more eye-catchy and pleasing.

Something for pets

white dog on grey sofaIf your loved one has a cat or a dog, it’s a great idea to give something for their beloved animal. It can be a toy, a grooming device, something inspired by their pet (ceramics or embroidery) or even food supply. Choosing this type of gift, you can make not only your loved one but also their pet really happy.


This can be miniature figures of popular places, historic structures that hold significant value or sculptures of prominent individuals that have advocated or fought for popular causes and also made a significant impact in the particular country where you are.


Jewelry designed with rare gemstones and fabricated with special metals makes for a valuable gift. You can also go the extra length by customizing the jewelry with the recipient’s name or nickname to make it more appealing.


Replica Paris fragrance bottleA well-packaged box containing scents or fragrances that suit the personality of the recipient can serve as a nice gift. Generally, perfumes are made from special flowers, ingredients, and other synthetic materials but you can always pick one that suits your recipient’s personality in order to trigger a fond memory or recollection of an encounter or past time spent together.


opened box of chocolateOne of the favorite items to give someone as gifts are delicious commodities such as chocolate and confections from popular brands and confectionery and nicely wrapped in cute boxes.

Photo Albums

Without a doubt sending photographs to a loved one is a valuable way to help them feel connected, especially when you are far away. You can always make an album of fun places you have visited or come across along with some funny quotations or notes to make them feel like they are part of the entire experience. Sending a photo album Is a great way of giving your loved one an image of what you are up to.


Cool, fun and interesting gadgets, especially those that have been recently updated or released with new features, also great gift ideas. These could be video games, webcams, handheld massager and other smart gadgets that can be used to remind the recipient that they are always in your heart and mind.


flat lay photography of opened bookWhen considering a magazine you would like to send as a gift, you need to consider the genre or niche your loved one or recipient would love to read and enjoy getting engrossed in.

Depending on the magazine publication, its pages may be filled with interesting content that can give the recipient a brief insight through photos, articles, write-ups, reviews, etc into the lifestyle of your resident country.

Also, it’ll be a smart move to purchase magazines and books from the proper channels such as licensed booksellers, bookstores or magazine stands, to serve as a safety measure against counterfeits and ensure you are getting nothing but the best gift item.


gray framed eyeglasses on bookBestselling books written by renowned authors with an intriguing storyline is also a wonderful gift especially when the recipient is an avid reader. You may choose a book that is based on romance, fiction or any other genre that makes for an interesting read. To help streamline your search for the right book, you can always look up the internet for a bestselling list, read reviews and also get recommendations from a local book store close to you.


Beautifully decorated cups and mugs, designed with bright colors and nice titles such as ‘worlds best’ or any other nice appreciative tag line or quote is bound to put a smile on your recipients face when they sip their early morning tea or coffee.

Beauty and Grooming Essentials

A nicely wrapped box filled with, skincare or facial products, makeup and other grooming essentials that are made from natural or organic ingredients are one of the gifts you can offer to make up for your absence.

You may be wondering how you can most possibly get one or more of these great gift ideas across to your loved one. Well, you are in luck as there are a lot of delivery services you can use to send a special gift to your preferred recipient who is far away from you. One such delivery service are offered by MeetnGreetMe, an online-based platform delivering concierge services and personal assistance in more than 600 cities around the world. It also specializes in providing local assistants that can help you send a gift package to your preferred recipient whether it’s a loved one, a friend or a business associate based in any other location different from yours.

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