August 11, 2023

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Whether you’re a student who needs extra money or you already employed and eager to receive new experiences along with wages, there are numerous simple ways to earn money. Note, to earn as much as YOU want.

In the previous articles we touched upon the diversity of tastes and types of coffee in different countries and suggested our top 3 best summer drinks. But it’s high time we talked about more important issues like making extra money in the modern world.

Today we will cover the best ways to earn an extra $1000 this summer that can transform from a part-time or full-time job into a favourite hobby.

1. MeetnGreetMe Personal Concierge Service

MeetnGreetMe is a new platform where local people can earn money working as personal assistants for international travelers. What you need is to be open-minded, hospitable and know the city you live in.

MeetnGreetMe is a platform offering personal concierge services from locals to travellers. The main idea of this global service is to make personal assistance affordable preserving its quality and personalized approach. The project was launched in 2016 and it is spinning up swiftly. Its skyrocketing growth can be explained by two reasons.

Firstly, this is so because it offers a great opportunity to travellers to forget about any possible problems arising during their trips because a chosen trustworthy person (or a MeetnGreeter) will handle everything. Personal concierge services range from chartering a yacht or arranging a gastronomic tour, to such day-to-day services as booking a hotel or accompanying you during your stay.

The second reason is that MeetnGreetMe connects local people with travellers and provides a great opportunity to make extra money by helping international guests with simple tasks. MeetnGreeters choose any services they’d love to deliver and set their prices. So it’s up to you how much you’d like to earn and when you’d like to do that. You help your city guests, and they pay you. With the average bill equal to $50-100, you need only 10 successful deals to earn $1000 (or more) in the summer.

2. Task Rabbit

Neighbours willing to help. What you need is to be skillful with their fingers.

Task Rabbit was founded in 2008 and today it has spread to 19 cities in the USA and Great Britain. It makes your life easier and lets you focus on what is more important.

How it works? Imagine an ordinary situation when you have lots to do but you lack time or qualification. You pick tasks you need help with, view available Taskers and their prices and finally choose the one you like best. So this is how you can earn money with Task Rabbit.

Register as a Tasker, choose the services you can deliver, and get down to work! Here you can earn cleaning a house, doing shopping and delivery, working as a handyman, and helping with moving or upgrading the house. You control your schedule, rates and the type of work. Just choose what suits you most and start earning with this quick way to make extra money.

3. Italki

Speak the same language! What you need is to be gifted in teaching your native language to foreigners.

Italki is an educational source for everybody willing to study a foreign language or to teach it. 2 million people have already studied foreign languages with more than 1000 language teachers at Italkie.

The service tracks attendance, terminated packages and your rating, so the better you conduct the lessons, the more students you have. What’s more, of course, it can become a very nice part-time job because you choose an hourly rate, available time and even days when you’re ready to teach your language. There are two ways to earn extra money using your language knowledge.

The first one is a bit more complicated because you need a certificate or degree in teaching a language so professional teachers tend to earn more money.

The second option is to register as a Community Tutor who is a native speaker able to help with learning by conducting informal tutoring or speaking practice. They usually have more reasonable prices. So, even if you are not specialized in teaching languages you can still make money talking to foreigners via Skype or any other video chat. Could you find an easier way to make money? I doubt it.

4. Uber

Iconic driving service. What you need is a car and a driving license.

Uber is already one of the most popular ways to get around the city. Its high quality services and easy ordering have proved to be a path to success. Uber is available in almost 500 cities worldwide and 1 million people have already used the service. It connects drivers with people who need to commute daily or get to a destination on a special occasion.

So, to earn extra money on Uber you need to register on the web-site or mobile app as a driver and wait for a request in your city. To earn more you are to raise attractiveness of your service. The better your profile is, the more requests you will get. All the listed ways would allow you to earn $1000. And with Uber you can gain much more.

5. Like a Local Guide

Influence travel to your city. What you need is to know the most outstanding venues in your city.

Like a Local Guide is a wonderful platform for both travellers and locals. Remember how many times when you were abroad you wanted to discover authentic places rather than get in typical tourist traps? This problem is solved with Like a Local Guide.

Here Locals can influence the way travellers explore their city by sharing their favourite local spots off the beaten path. At the same time they can offer authentic experiences, host a local tour, dinners and activities thus turning their passion into income.

It is one of the easiest and most creative ways to make extra money. Travellers enjoy being shown around and hosted by locals. Start earning on your knowledge of the city you live in, offering delicious dinners or drinks of the local cuisine and meeting great people from around the world. Almost 4000 locals from 300 cities have already received experience offered by Like a Local Guide. Set your prices for the offered services and join them!

6. BlaBlaCar

E-hitchhiking. What you need is a car.

BlaBlaCar is a modern way of fellow traveling. Any time you need to drive to another city or even another country, you won’t have to look for a bus or a train with several changes at the stations in different cities. You can join a driver who is going to the same destination and get there with comfort and fun.

You can choose any driver who is going to the same destination as you, look at their rating, feedbacks and prices and wait for a confirmation from the driver. Once you’re registered as a Driver, let people know about your future trips and set your price per person.

The price should be competitive and preferably cover what you would spend on petrol. Not appropriate to work on a full-time basis, but at least it will reduce the costs and probably you’ll be left with a gain.

So, it’s one of the good ways to make extra money on the side.

7. Airbnb

Open up a world of opportunity. What you need: a spare room or an apartment.

Airbnb is one of the best ways to earn extra money online in more than 34,000 cities and almost 200 countries. It is a marketplace to rent any type of accommodation. You will be welcomed with anything from a tiny shared room to a magnificent castle. The only requirement is to be hospitable and friendly.

The web site provides you with information about the weekly average prices for 3 types of accommodation. For instance, if you are from Rome, Italy, hosting travellers in an apartment or a house would bring you about $360, the same accommodation type in Warsaw, Poland would give you $105, and in Sydney, Australia - $183.

For some Hosts Airbnb has become the sole source of earning a living because of good income.

8. Metnis’ kabanchikom

Dart like a boar. What you need is a desire to work.

Metnis’ kabanchikom (in English: Dart like a boar) can be described as an easy way to find a job and make money. The choice ranges from financial services and to working as a mystery shopper and an interpreter. It provides some unusual tasks, such as cutting a cup in four parts, drinking beer in a mask of a rainbow pony, presenting a bunch of flowers to a girl during a lecture in a hospital and many other weird things that are easy to perform and at the same time are well-paid.

Plus: a wide a range of jobs requiring different skills.

Minus: it works only in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

9. SkyEng

English teaching. What you need: to know English.

SkyEng is a Russian version of italkie. It’s an online educational resource for English learners. What’s the difference between the two services?

SkyEng offers a stable monthly salary equal to $380-700 depending on the number of working hours. All English teachers have access to free webinars and materials to increase qualification. They are also constantly supported on methodical, technical and administrative questions. To become a teacher you need to send your CV to their HR Manager.

10. ZesTrip

Share your passion with the world. What you need is to work out a tour.

ZesTrip offers local people to conduct various tours to travellers. They include the following tours: art & culture, living like a local, food & drink, cooking & dining, sport & outdoor, on wheels & boat, and family activities. Currently ZesTrip is available in Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and London, but in course of time it will grow and appear in many other cities.

Work out a tour you can provide and go ahead!

In any case, summer is the season for pleasure, sunshine, swimming in the sea or ocean, climbing a mountain, having basket dinner in a park, staying up late at night at parties with friends and just having fun. Don’t forget about these simple things that render every person happy.

If you know some other easy and creative ways to make an extra $1000 this summer

We hope that your summer will be hot, unforgettable and full of precious moments!

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Stay positive and have an amazing day!

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