Best Hotels for Your City Break in Rome


Destinations, Italy, Rome

February 13, 2024

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This year the Telegraph ranked Rome among top 20 most visited cities. Indeed, with the ancient ruins, romantic vibes, picturesque Renaissance palazzos and delicious food in local trattorias Roman pulsating energy has always drawn tourists and international guests from all over the world. Whether you come to do sightseeing in Rome and tick all the boxes…

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When in Rome, Shop as the Romans Do


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November 29, 2023

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Italy is the heaven for shopping. There you will find everything from luxurious brands in shining stores on famous shopping streets to small and cozy family shops selling handmade goods. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, furniture, food and many other are all found in Italy. If you are looking for a right Christmas gift and you…

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Powerful and Beautiful Mount Etna


Destinations, Italy, Sicily

November 14, 2023


My name is Daria, and I’m one of the active and loyal MeetnGreeters who is interested not only in helping foreign Guests in my country but I also possess this great passion for travelling. I will share with you stories about my trips around the world, some must-see attractions and tips on travelling to different…

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