Case study:


Company name: MeetnGreetMe

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Industry: Lifestyle Management & Personal Concierge Services


I decided to travel to Tallinn with my mother and sister for 3 days. I was preparing for the trip for a long time. I like finding new places, watching photos, building routes and optimizing them in time. But I was very tired of the usual tourist itineraries. I wanted to see more.


That is why I decided to hire a MeetnGreeter – I desired to look at the non-tourist Tallinn. And let’s see what happened.


2 hours.
Personal city guiding.
I created an approximate route and emailed it to Yulya. She said that I had chosen great places but they are all located randomly and are more than touristic.
Here is a couple of places:



After that, she offered her options:


“What concerns the places that are unknown to the tourists. Within Tallinn you can go to the Pääskula area – there you can find a Glen Castle and a small park. Also, there is Matka Rada – a famous wooden path among the forest, swamps and lakes where Estonians spend their leisure time. It is very beautiful there such paths are located throughout the Estonia:) Within Tallinn, you can also walk behind the Kumu museum, to the Lasnamäe area – there is a small park there, from which you can see a lighthouse in the middle of sleeping areas. Also, GorHall with its beautiful view on the Baltic Sea. And you can also make a collection of doors, in the old city of Tallinn they are at every turn.”


I really enjoyed all the options. I decided to start with the doors.
In Tallinn, there are really millions of them. And they are truly different. But the most interesting things were behind the doors. Do not be afraid to open them and be surprised.



Yulya told me about the secret trapdoor inside St. Catherine’s lane and few people know about it. People just pop into the alley, take pictures and go out. But! If you do not reach the end of the alley a little, you will see a narrow door with a staircase that leads upwards. This door is usually closed so no one thinks to go there. And in vain! You will remember this for a long time. According to the legend, it is necessary to climb a couple of spans along a narrow spiral staircase, touch the door, make a wish and leave a coin. I hope that at least this wish of mine will come true.



After we made a wish, we went to try nuts. It was so delicious that we took a couple of packages home with us.



Yulya remembered that in the ‘heads or tails’ show, hosts were looking for the 5 highest points of the square.
We coped without any problems with the first three but had to think over the others. And the riddle was solved.


This is how our 2 hours flew by. I want to thank my MeetnGreeter again and say that I will recommend her to everyone.



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