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Case study:

Exploring Authentic Kiev with a Local

Company name: MeetnGreetMe

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Industry: Lifestyle Management & Personal Concierge Services


Chris and his two friends decided to spend a few days in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev). They are mainly interested in architecture and wanted to explore Kyiv with an English-speaking local who would plan them a trip and show around while telling about local culture and traditions.


On MeetnGreetMe, they found a local MeetnGreeter Kate - a native Kyiv local who knows her city from A to Z.


Chris ordered three types of services:
1) Information on culture, lifestyle and traditions. As Kate says, she did not need any preparations here, because she knows the culture and traditions of Ukrainians in general and the people of Kiev in particular, she can talk about it for hours. Therefore, the only preparation was to think about what would be opportunely to tell, given the planned route.
2) Personal city guiding – of course, Kate was thinking about what to show to her guests. She’s a MeetnGreeter, not just a guide. Therefore, it is not enough to have only one or two routes for all the guests. The route is formed depending on the interests and requests of the particular person. Accordingly, the MeetnGreeter asked Chris and his friends about their expectations, and then decided which places could be the best for the guys.
3) Plan a trip – in addition to walking, it is important to calculate all the possible queries that can arise from the guest: where to eat, what else to see, where to go, where to buy souvenirs. So it was wonderful that Chris initially told Kate what they wanted to see in Kyiv and, accordingly, she prepared a list of places that would be of interest to them.




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