MeetnGreetMe ICO rating MeetnGreetMe ICO rating
Customized travel experiences
The only blockchain based P2P platform for travel services tailored to your needs and budget
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BTC price is frozen at $15,000 until April 17!
1 WEL = 0,0004 ETH
First Stage
1100 ETH
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5 facts about MeetnGreetMe

Operating travel platform with happy customers
Award-winning company with the UN recognition
Personalized experiences and tailor-made services in 298 cities
Unique platform for offline localized P2P concierge services
Verified and trustworthy local MeetnGreeters

How to buy WelcomeCoins (WELs)

1. Open an account on a crypto exchange:,,,, etc.
2. Buy ETH/BTC on crypto exchange.
3. Open a crypto wallet compatible with ERC20 standard tokens: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken. Please don’t use an exchange account to buy tokens.
4. Send ETH/BTC from your crypto exchange account to your crypto wallet.
5. Send ETH/BTC from your wallet to MeetnGreetMe address. To see MeetnGreetMe wallet address, please go through KYC in your Personal Cabinet on The minimum amount to send is 0.1 ETH. Watch the minimum gas limit.
6. Add tokens to your wallet. In your wallet, click on Add Token.
Insert WEL token address:
Token symbol: WEL;
Decimals of Precision: 18. That’s it!
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What our supporters say

Pierre Yurow, MeetnGreetMe ICO advisor from USA
Kate, verified MeetnGreeter from Minsk

Crowdsale details

Bonuses for early contributors
The bonus rate starts at 9% and will drop after reaching the following amounts in ETH:
Higher results, higher bonuses
After the ICO every contributor will be rewarded based on the ICO result
150,000,000 WEL will be issued with 75,000,000
WEL available during the crowdsale.
Token sale starts on 27 March 2024 (9.00 AM EST)
Hard cap
8800 ETH
Accepted Currencies
Token exchange rate
1 WEL = 0,0004 ETH
Funds distribution is secured via Multi-sig wallet held by team council.
Utilization of unsold tokens: Will be added up to community development and marketing budget.
Tokens distribution
All issued tokens will be distributed as following
50 % Crowdsale
25,5 % Reserve pool for ecosystem development
7,5 % Team and future hires
7,5 % Founders
7 % Early stage backers and advisors
2 %Bounty, referrals, contributors
0,5% Bounty manager
Distribution of raised funds
All funds raised during the crowdsale will be allocated to support the further growth of MeetnGreetMe with focus on marketing activities directed to growth and expansion, platform advancing and community development.
5 %
10 %
20 %
Community development
30 %
Platform development, UX
35 %
Growth and

WelcomeCoin - WEL

WelcomeCoin is backed by real MeetnGreetMe services. It means that WelcomeCoins available for sale are directly correlated with the number of service hours which can be acquired on the platform.

WEL is much more than just a means of payment. It’s an essential part of MeetnGreetMe philosophy of rewarding community and giving back for the contribution. Within the MeetnGreetMe ecosystem WelcomeCoin can buy what money can’t.

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Earn Coins
Deliver MeetnGreetMe services;
Engage with the platform;
Create and co-create value on the platform;
Invite new MeetnGreeters and Guests on the platform;
Introduce new partners who can be of a value for travelers;
Train community of MeetnGreeters;
Share information about MeetnGreetMe in the social networks, blogs etc.;
Help to curate the platform.
Spend Coins
Pay for MeetnGreetMe travel concierge services with a discount;
Advertise on MeetnGreetMe platform (on a profile, on a city page, on a blog);
Pay for the partners’ services with a discount (transfers, accommodations, experiences, events, tickets etc.);
Support creators and co-creators;
Thank for a delivered value;
RSVP the closed parties;
Exchange for fiat and other crypto currencies.

Why do you need WELs?

For MeetnGreeters
Get access to advanced features of the platform: trainings, meetups, promotion etc.
For Guests
Get MeetnGreetMe concierge services and our partners' services and products with a discount.
For Partners
The possibility to place high-targeted ads on MeetnGreetMe platform (paid exclusively in WELs).
For Contributors
Exchange WelcomeCoins for fiat money on crypto exchanges.

Why blockchain

Incentivization & reward:
Blockchain technology will allow MeetnGreetMe to have its own means - WelcomeCoins - to incentivize contributors and reward the activities connected with the platform growth.
No costly middleman in transactions:
The blockchain enabled payment system will allow to exclude a costly middleman from the money transfer process in future.
Transparent process of ordering services:
Automatic execution of contracts between the participants, powered by a smart contract, will make the process of ordering services more transparent for both sides and will decentralize the control function.
Decentralized curation:
Due to the blockchain technology it becomes possible to crowdsource the platform curation process which is a reasonable way to operate the global peer-to-peer business.

What is MeetnGreetMe?

MeetnGreetMe is a global ecosystem where every traveler can request services tailored to their travel needs and budget.
What MeetnGreetMe concierge service is
MeetnGreetMe ICO in simple terms
Delivered by resourceful local people and paid via blockchain enabled peer-to-peer payment system.

A real solution with real results

MeetnGreeters from all over the world have already received 1113 various service requests from travelers.
Verified MeetnGreeters
Trustworthy local people make travel really personalized experience and help travelers save their valuable time.
Today MeetnGreeters are delighted to lend a hand in almost 300 cities around the world.
7 %
Average monthly growth of platform
MeetnGreetMe is constantly growing to ensure that MeetnGreetMe service is available right where you need it.

Company with awards and recognition

3rd prize at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Morocco.
Pitching MeetnGreetMe at the SXSW Eco Conference in Austin
Invitation by Barack Obama to join Spark initiative to promote global entrepreneurship
World Summit Award by the United Nations in the Culture & Tourism category.

Blockchain based travel & hospitality ecosystem

MeetnGreetMe is a community driven and trust based ecosystem where everyone is welcome to participate with their skills in accordance with their interests and get rewards for their contribution.
Crypto coins are issued to fuel MeetnGreetMe economy, encourage and incentivise desirable interactions.

There is a huge market opportunity

$7.61 Trillion
World travel and tourism market has already reached $7.61 trillion with $2.31 trillion coming directly from the industry.
$564.87 Billion
Global online travel sales totalled $564.87 billion and is projected to grow to $755.94 billion in 2019
1.2 Billion people
More than 1.2 billion people crossed international borders in 2016. It is forecasted to grow by 4% annually and reach more than 1.8 billion by 2030.
20% of travel industry is already affected by peer-to-peer services.
1.6 Billion travelers by 2020

What MeetnGreetMe, Airbnb, UBER, TripAdvisor, Steemit have in common

Quickly scalable business model. Unified system of training and acquiring MeetnGreeters in any city of the world.
The meeting point for 2 categories of users: one needs a service, the other provides it.
A travel site to get recommendations for a trip, ask local people about entertainment, places and cafes to visit.
Platform where users are encouraged to generate content for a reward.


Early 2014
MeetnGreetMe Idea.
3rd prize at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Morocco.
Successful introduction of MeetnGreetMe at the SXSW Eco Conference in Austin. Elena Shkarubo was invited to join Spark Initiative by the 44th President of the USA. Initial funds were raised for the platform development.
Incorporation in Estonia.
Launch of a fully operational platform.
UN recognition in the Culture and Tourism category.
Q1 - Q2 2018
Q3 2018
- Community development
- Smart contract based motivation
- Partners in key cities
Q4 2018
- Expansion in new cities
- New partners
- P2P payment system
- Functionality for advertising
- Further expansion in new cities
- Big data preparation
- Testing algorithms
- AI and personalized offers

Meet our team

Elena Shkarubo
Co-Founder and CEO
MBA from Kingston London University. 8 years' experience in banking, business development. Member of SPARK initiative to promote entrepreneurship globally.
Nick Vyhouski
Co-Founder & Product designer
Exceptional specialist with a strong background in UX/UI with a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication. He worked for SelectStar, Evote, Strevus, Toptal.
Andrew Gaidukevich
Co-Founder & CTO
Qualified engineer with 8 years' experience and outstanding technical skills. He has worked for XB Software, Strevus, Viber; founded and run Appetite IT company.
Ilja Satchok
Software Engineer
Experienced Software Engineer skilled in web & mobile development with a Degree in Applied Maths & Computer Science. Worked for Viber, Inkitt, Epam Systems.
Anna Bobekh
Digital Marketing Manager
Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris. Marketing guru with 7 years' experience in digital-agencies dealing with SEO, SEA, SMM, web analytics.
Alexei Pashkevich
UX/UI Designer
Besides his 2 years’ experience as a UX/UI, Alexei holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and has a marketing background which helps him better gasp the users’ needs and create user-friendly interfaces.
Katya Klishchuk
Community Manager
Intercultural Communication graduate with deep knowledge of 3 foreign languages responsible for customer support, content management, and public relations.
Aleksey Ladutska
Front-End Developer
Skilled Front-end developer with 5 years' experience of working in such IT companies and start-ups as FiveHeads, Appetite Soft, Data+Math, LeadLiason.
Lizaveta Deikun
Content Manager
Multifunctional specialist with experience of studying abroad and background in behavioral psychology, linguistics, and culturology.
Hanna Zhyhar
Business Development Manager
Degree in Applied Science and Economic Cybernetics. 2 years' experience of working as a Growth Hacker in OntourCloud and start-ups.
Dmitry Dudin
Full Stack Web-developer
Professional in various fields: project-management, programming, consultancy, business-analysis.

Our advisors

Ben Malpass
Les Clefs d’Or Concierge
United Kingdom
Ben is an award-winning member of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or with more than 20 years’ concierge industry experience.
Craig Stepnell
Travel Associates
A specialist in cruise, luxury, boutique and corporate travel domestically and internationally. Craig worked within Flight Centre Travel Group, across 4 flagship retail brands, held a position of State Brand Manager.
Ian Scarffe
Serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant
A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.
Anton Kulichkin
ICO Angel, Blockchain Enthusiast
Blockchain Enthusiast, MBA, Former Branch manager at Open Broker
Lana Gereshko
Chief Research & Development Officer, LT Solutions
Lana is a cryptoexpert, finance executive and ICO scam & fraud specialist. She helps MeetnGreetMe as investment relations advisor, as well as a specialist for token economy and exchange listings.
Boris Lev
Managing Partner, “Lev, Sherstnev and Partners” Lawyer Office
Boris is MeetnGreetMe legal advisor and escrow agent. With 18 years experience in practicing law, clients in 117 countries and strong international networking, Boris specializes in IT-law and counseling companies going for ICOs.
Dmitry Pytko
CFO/COO, SolbegSoft
Senior Finance & Operations Executive with successful background in expanding market share and driving significant revenue increases in the tech industry.
Pierre Yurow
Silicon Valley veteran and active Angel Investor
Pierre is a Blockchain, mobile industry and Silicon Valley veteran with an extensive track record and author of two patents. Mr. Yurow is an Angel Investor in Blockchain. He is an active co-founder of two Blockchain startups preparing their ICOs.
Ryan Schefke
Founder and Revenue Performance Specialist, Lead Liaison
Entrepreneur with strong sales and business development experience, working with startups, small-to-medium businesses and fortune 500 companies.
International Startup Hub
Spain & Belarus
Imaguru is an international startup hub for startups, investors, corporates, and coders with offices in Madrid, Spain and Minsk, Belarus. Imaguru is a valuable advisor providing MeetnGreetMe with expertise in various spheres.

They wrote about us

Like Uber, but for personal concierge services, MeetnGreetMe is a stroke of genius, blending an online social network with offline localised travel services.
MeetnGreetMe is an app for getting a local travel concierge. It is more commercial than apps like Party with a Local, but it's still a way to get help with your travel needs while actually meeting an interesting person in the process.
Adapting the blockchain technology will allow MeetnGreetMe to have its own means - MeetnGreetMe crypto-token - to incentivize contributors and reward the activities connected with the platform growth and development.
WelcomeCoin is backed by real MeetnGreetMe services. It means that WelcomeCoins available for sale are directly correlated with the number of service hours which can be acquired on the platform.
The sharing economy is huge in travel, and the concept has influenced the way we book sightseeing. One example is MeetnGreetMe, which allows locals ranging from passionate natives to shopping assistants to hotel concierges and beyond to list over 40 services.
MeetnGreetMe offers international concierge services for business and leisure travelers. This is a brilliant p2p model, which has great potential and a team is driven by an incredibly active founder who conquered the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and pitched the US President.
MeetnGreetMe mission is to let everyone access all the benefits of personalized approach to their travel needs while supporting local businesses and communities to market their services and products at fair costs.
Powered by AI MeetnGreetMe hybrid blockchain platform transforms travel experience into a really personalized experience and let every traveler enjoy an individualized adventure in line with their needs and budget.
Some Belarusians like Elena Shkarubo, who studied in London and worked in Moscow, are coming home. She returned to start the online platform MeetnGreetMe in March which allows people traveling to another country to find a local concierge.
MeetnGreetMe offers world travelers a new concept of a personal concierge service. It is based on local people's hospitality and aims to make your stay in a foreign country comfortable and enjoyable.
MeetnGreetMe is a marketplace where international travelers can find personal assistants/concierges among local people.
We see MeetnGreetMe as a community driven marketplace where all the parties will find an opportunity for self-expression and -enhancement through helping others and eventually will be rewarded by the community.
Elena Shkarubo - founder of the international travel service MeetnGreetMe, will tell you how to turn failures into victories and start "the whole life's business." A story about how to find the courage to change your life and to find your way.
MeetnGreetMe is a marketplace for concierge services for global travelers from local people. It uniquely blends online social platform with offline localized concierge services, that deliver hospitality, friendship, and peace of mind.
MeetnGreetMe mission is to let everyone access all the benefits of personalized approach to their travel needs while supporting local businesses and communities to market their services and products at fair costs.
MeetnGreetMe is a new startup that is out to help travelers in exactly that situation and to help with the 8 million other things that come up when you’re in a new country and you just don’t get… well, anything.


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