December 31, 2015

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Nowadays, MeetnGreetMe together with CEO of  Architects of Dreams, Alena Lugovtsova would like to present to you 9 working tips to make your dreams come true in 2016.

On New Year’s Eve we always think about our dreams, aspirations and goals. Even those, who call themselves reasonable and sensible, can’t help but think: “it would be amazing if next year…”

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We hear how people speak about their dreams and then give up on them. They say: “It would be great, but, probably, it’s not going to happen…” The majority of people treat dreams as pure fantasies. For them, dream come true is a miracle, something equal to winning jackpot in a lottery, where everything depends solely on luck and help from God, instead of their own efforts and hard work. Probably that is why people come to think about their dreams on New Year’s Day, repeat them while the clock is striking twelve, and then clear forget about them till next celebration.

But there are many people around us, who take dreams seriously and make them happen. This ability can be fostered and developed. If you are really set to make your dreams come true, we suggest doing the following:

What do you actually want?

To start paving the way to your dreams, at first, decide what is that you actually want to happen. It’s important to think positively and support your dreams with enthusiastic thoughts. The more emotions you have, the higher the probability that this dream belongs to you and wasn’t forced upon you by your parents, society or someone else.

Define your dreams

Try to put your dream into one sentence. Don’t worry if you can’t think of all the details: they will appear along the way. If you can’t understand the essence of your dreams, write this down: “My dream is to have one!” Trust me you aren’t going to be alone if you do so. Many successful and well-off people indeed dream about that. Start off by writing down a small wish, something you’ve been long dreaming to achieve or get, but couldn’t for some reason.

Real dreams are real actions

A dream is something you passionately want, and, perhaps, have yet a vague idea about the steps to be taken. Real dreams make your heart beat faster.

Look at your dream and set specific

When you think about the wording of your dream, try to avoid ‘not’ – your brain ignores it. If you tell yourself: “I dream not to go to bed late”, all year long you are bound to burn the midnight oil. It’s much better to put it like this “All this year I will go to bed before 22:00 and I will wake up full of energy”.

Constructive thinking

Moreover, it’s important to think constructively, in the sense of gaining, rather than giving up on something. For example, you are more sure to achieve success if you say “I dream to be slim”, rather than “I want to lose 4 kilos”.

Remember the future

Another peculiarity of our mind is that it doesn’t understand the future tense. That is why it is better to use present tense when you are wording your dreams, as if you already have that something. Such a phrase or sentence will be perceived by your mind as an order.

Write your dream by hand

Write your dream down on a piece of paper. It’s much better than an iPad or a computer. Even if you have problems wording it, just make something up. For a start. And even though it may seem weird to you now, it’s very likely that it will work and take you to your dream. When you write your wishes down, you launch the process of their fullfilment.

Draw your dream

Envisage something you want. Better draw a picture which will symbolize your dream or find one on the Internet. Always have it in front of you: make it your wallpaper, print it out and hang above your bed, or put its mini-version in your wallet. We think in terms of images, that is why pictures, however childish this may seem to you, speak to our mind louder than words.

The people in your dreams

Speak with other people about your dream. Don’t be afraid to share your aspirations with someone. It’s a mistake to think that when you voice your dream, you’ll lose it. On the contrary, by speaking about your dreams out loud, you send the message into the Universe. Share with your loved ones, close friends, colleagues, somebody who supports you. When people come together and start discussing their dreams, miraculous things start to happen.

Understand your dreams and enrich your life

Finally, don’t limit yourself. Make yourself forget about the word “impossible”. Let your dream be much bigger than something you have at this particular moment. Even if it sounds crazy. This is only a matter of time. Aspire for something great, and even if you don’t achieve exactly what you want, you will still gain much more than you have today.

Start right now! One step will be enough to launch the “dream-machine”. Play with it. Don’t make the pathway to it hard and unbearable. Enjoy the process. Let your dreams start a fire inside you. A fire of passion, interest and excitement. But don’t forget, it takes you and your efforts to make your dreams come true.

Do you have your own special way of making dreams come true? Let us know in comments to this post!

MeetnGreetMe is wishing you a very Happy New Year! Let all your dreams come true this year! We are glad you were with us this year, and we hope to meet you next year! Have fantastic trips and adventures in 2016, meet and greet new wonderful people, learn more about local cultures around the world..and just be happy!

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Have an amazing day!

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