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December 17, 2018

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Have you ever imagined being a prince or a princess? Have you ever dreamed of spending Valentine’s Day in a magical and unforgettable way? If both of your answers are “yes” then we have some exciting news for you!

MeetnGreetMe collaborated with the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses to give you an amazing opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way possible. Moreover, all MeetnGreetMe clients will get a 5% discount.  

Want to learn more? We’ll tell you everything about the event.

ball vip luxury travel

An event bursting with glamour will take place in the striking Principality of Monaco, at the gorgeous venue that is the Hotel de Paris: the finest luxury hotel in the Casino Square. This short of magical, a real-life fairy-tale that will immerse guests in a dream space.

Celebrating Saint Valentine’s with this glorious evening is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, unforgettable for any guest, a momentous event for royalty. Sophistication, elegance, and ineffable aesthetic will fill the upcoming Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses. It will be an exclusive Gala for lovers of luxury and grand parties, for whom this is a truly unmissable occasion. This one night will predictably outshine any other glamorous parties with its romantic aura. 

At the ball, princes and princesses from across the world will take part in a never-seen-before celebration of love and beauty. Grandiosity will be at its peak with our exclusive list of distinguished guests. Charming love, music, art, beauty, magic, and royalty will reunite at the Hotel de Paris. The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is a royal event. An unmissable ball, it will touch the hearts of its guests with joy, greatness, pomp, and dynamism. There is no better opportunity to celebrate romantic love. An ideal combination of romance and royalty will be tailored for our guests.

Leaving everyday life behind, this ball will make its guests embark on a magical quest for beauty and heavenly beauty. Sparkling lights and fluorescent colours will create an ideal atmosphere for couples to celebrate the most romantic night of the year. Furnished walls, fabulous crystal chandeliers, crafted architecture, exquisite vaulted ceilings will build up the heaven-like atmosphere. Inhabited by fairies and angels, the halo of the night will leave reality behind to embody an illusion of ideal grace that will feel like a magical, royal spell. All the A-list guests of the Ball shall follow the dress code and be dressed in their most sophisticated gowns, becoming themselves part of the magical scenery.

The delightful setting of the banquets will be astonishing, offering our guests unforgettable delicacies. After tasting the most exquisite wines and champagnes, the most remarkable moment of the evening will come with the night. Dance floors will be ready to welcome the royal couples with mesmerizing music, heightening the magical sense of the event. Greetings and meetings with renown and eminent personalities will fill the guests with awe.

This event is one of its kind, and is highlighted as a Monte Carlo festivity and graced by royalty for its luxurious and glamorous nature. Important personalities will be a part of the history which will etch the event as the flawless Valentine’s Day for the fortunate guests. This evening will delightfully blend the romance of the most romantic day of the year with the superb royalty of Monte Carlo, resulting in the most exciting event of the winter season.

Wish to try it out yourself? Drop us a line at and we’ll send you a 5%-off coupon ;)

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