Which Italian city is your favourite?


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September 9, 2016

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MeetnGreetMe is conducting a survey among international travelers about their favourite city in Italy. Each city has a unique atmosphere, ancient architecture, magnificent objects of art, local cuisine and unparalleled landscapes. Choose which city is your favourite and share with us why you think so in the comments below. If you are a local Italian from…

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Shopping Guide in Italy: What and Where to Buy


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August 12, 2016


There are millions of reasons to finally visit Italy when you are on vacation. Legendary old cities with magnificent architecture, desert islands with crystal clean water and secret blue lakes, Florence being a cradle of Renaissance architecture and rich museums, Venice with its romantic flare and gondolas, Roman ruins and marvellous beaches, Greek temples and the…

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What to Do, See and Enjoy in Milan


Destinations, Italy, Milan

July 4, 2016


What can be a better summer getaway rather than Milan? The vibrant metropolis has everything you can possibly need during a vacation in Italy: top places for chic shopping, gothic cathedrals, sparkling nightlife, classic and contemporary art collections including the great masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, and endless opportunities to try a delicious Italian pizza. However,…

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